Is it possible to go to heaven if you have a good moral life?

Christians-First of all, you must retain your faith in the Lord Jesus and continue until the end if you walk away from Jesus then there is no use say you are christian or AGAIN YOU WILL LOOSE THE GIFT OF SALVATION AND DO SINFUL ACTIVITIES.

Even as Jesus was tempted by the devil, Christians will continue to be…

Those who have done GOOD, to the resurrection of life. (Heaven)
Those who have done EVIL, to the resurrection of judgement. (Hell)

If you want to believe that go ahead then. But personally, I believe since god is so amazing and awesome any wrong thing we do takes us away from being able to go to heaven. In a sense gods goodness is the bar we need to measure up to but is too high for us to reach. I find the Christian faith to make more sense to me in regards to this dilemma than any other belief. As it teaches that Jesus died for us and as he was also somehow God himself, while taking away our own punishment from sin which is death. Death is separation from God ultimately, heaven is where you are close as possible to god. That’s the best I can explain my belief on the subject, I hope it helps. Dr. da carson explaines it really well. Below ill paste a link for one of three videos inthe subject. Religion studying like this can be great fun and rewarding…

Being ‘good’ will not let you go to Heaven. In that case how can anyone go to Heaven? In Matt. 12.32 Christ says that not believing in the Holy Spirit is the unforgivable sin. To believe in the Holy Spirit requires a belief in the Holy Trinity, since God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are manifestations of the same Godhead.
To explain the three-in-one let me give this example: I am a father, brother, and son. I am not three people, just one. I am called ‘Father’ by my children, ‘Brother’ by my siblings, and ‘Son’ by my parents. This is how it is with the Holy Trinity.
The key to unlocking the gates of Heaven is faith in the Holy Trinity, not simply ‘living a good life’. Folk who live good lives but do not believe in the Holy Trinity will not go to Heaven. It requires something more. That is what Christ said.

The steps to go to Heaven are as followed:

1. Believe in God.

2. Repent of your sins.

3. Ask for forgiveness and promise to love him forever and always.

4. Try your best not to sin, don’t love the world, love God.

That’s how you get to Heaven, not through “good morals”.

Yes, once we are a part of Jesus Christ, it is the worst insult to
up and leave.

To leave means the person wants no part of this.

The more I learn about Jesus, the more I want to know about Jesus.
This is also true of other Christians, and others also.

The more I know, the more I’d like to know, if they are moral,
and not hurtful.

Im sorry but the first answer you had about the christians is correct. You can’t go to Heaven unless you accept Christ as your Lord and Savior 🙂 AND also follow in His word 🙂

It’s kinda bizarre that as I sat down to type this, I’ve spilt beer down my top! Anyway… Yes, once we are a part of Jesus Christ, it is the worst insult to I better go as I’ve a job interview today.

Yes one must abide by Gods 10 commandments, and love God with all our might, and the kingdom of heaven is ours to enter.

Could you go to santa claus’ workshop at the North Pole? That’s right, no because it does not exist
and that also applies to heaven

where in the bible does it say this? It says the only route to salvation is to accept Jesus died for our sins

I better answer this question moon flower before I pop out to work 🙁 That didnt really seem like a question…. I hope this answers your question.

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