Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa, only 40 minutes on the clock!?

If Liverpool win they are going to be 1 point behind Manchester United, and they will have better goal difference (if they stay 3 goals ahead). What are your views on who is going to win the Premier League now?

KP is slightly wrong. as it stands now we would have the same GD as man utd however we would have scored more but i’m pretty sure there will be more goals to come.

But surely after the last three games, teams will now cotton on that Liverpool are just playing route 1, and defend against it. I remember Liverpool fans being really critical of Chelsea’s ‘hoof’ tactics, so I wonder how they feel about using them themselves now.

Anyway, they’re clearly going out of the Champions League – they won’t beat Chelsea three times in a season and Hiddink can out-tactic just about anyone. Hopefully this will knock their confidence for the run in.

Anyway, why does everyone seem to think it’s either Man Utd or Liverpool? I reckon Chelsea are second favourites to win. They have, by far, the easiest run in.

BTW, I don’t support Chelsea (as this answer might suggest), I support Man Utd, and we’re still going to win the league, we just always make it hard for ourselves – it was getting too easy!

Look at last season, we’d run away with it by this stage, but in the end only won it on the last day. We’ve never done anything the easy way.

we will have the same goal difference as united if we stay three ahead and chelsea will have a better goal difference by one but i think there may be a couple more goals in this game yet

ur wrong about the goal difference cause both man united and chelsea have a better goal difference then liverpool, and united still have a game in hand

Any one’s game now.

my view has never changed


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