Low GPA decent SAT score!!!!?

Hey guys, my Unweighted GPA is really low, like a 2.9-3.0? But almost all my classes are honors or AP

anyways, my SAT score is a 2080, and my ACT score is 29, not good, but somewhat decent. (also i expect to take the SAT again and my score will probably go up a little, at least into the 2100’s…) also, my…

….you have that kind of an SAT score and you don’t know how to spell “know” ,”for” ,”Harvard”, “author”

I’m taking my word back….the SAT score does NOT at all measure IQ………..

Look up your intended school at www.cappex.com. They put a map of unweighted GPA versus SAT scores on one of the pages. Look your scores up and you can estimate your chances.

a 2080???!! out of 2400?? Man the sky is the limit for you 🙂 Good luck

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