Number of dog owners in the United States?

I’m trying to find out the number of dog owners in the United States, like a percentage? How or where can I find this info out?

Good luck! WIth all the mixed breed dogs, commercial breeders, puppymills and BYB’s pumping out puppies at the rate they do, there is no way you’ll ever get an accurate #.

USHS (United States Humane Society) might be able to give you some sort of inaccurate #.

Jade, is that counting the 7 female bulldogs that run around my neighborhood, dropping puppies every 6 months (6-10 per litter) EVERY YEAR? And that’s just my neighborhood. It’s impossible for them to have an accurate # of dog owners. If they aren’t registered (and some owners have several registered dogs), or don’t get annual vaccination, there is no telling.

a million) What became your breed initially bred to do? Flush pheasants and comparable birds into the air (nevertheless used for that objective immediately) 2) whilst became your breed known via the AKC? 1910? 3) the place did your breed initially got here from? Norfolk, or someplace around there- England 4) What are the breeds best well being issues? Ear and eye issues. additionally a uncommon ailment affecting the nervous gadget referred to as Fucosidosis. 5) What are uncomplicated “misunderstandings” interior of your breed? Hyper pastime. And mad. unable to enable off lead. 6) How do you maximum in simple terms know a badly bred dogs? undesirable eyes. working type- too lanky and wild looking; not focusing properly on the handler. 7) call one clothier dogs that is ruining your breed. Non 8) What breeds is your breed maximum perplexed with? Cocker Spaniel 9) What are any in call for persons that very own or very own your dogs breed, or in call for dogs? Erm i don’t think of there are any, oh wait.. George Bush 10) have been given any minutiae on the breed? Erm, Cockers and Springer’s have been initially interior an identical clutter, till they have been bred aside into bigger and smaller dogs. ok, I have not got any theory! EDIT- Paula.. why is that yuck? that’s what I do.. and besides, they weren’t in any respect retriever’s they are FLUSHERS. yet at the instant are used as retrievers.

Whatever number you do find, is going to be inaccurate, as there are many people that don’t register their pets. I, personally, don’t see a reason to do so. My dogs aren’t allowed to roam around loose, and I have better things to spend my money on than a license fee. Same as I don’t give rabies shots. My dogs are never unsupervised, and I see no point in putting that poison in them, when they aren’t exposed to the virus. Yet another wasted fee. I suppose if I had outside dogs, or let my dogs roam loose, I would go get the rabies vaccination and the license, as then both could be useful, but until that day, which won’t happen, there is simply no need, as it isn’t the city’s business to keep tabs on my life.

I hope the following helps you!

Are you doing this research personally or for class?

There are 44,892,454 dog owners in the United States, who own a total of 62,995,801 million dogs, and there are 76,954,111 million cats for a total of 139,949,912 pets.

Statistically, cats have the edge over their canine counterparts. According to the Star, 73 million Americans own cats, while 68 million are dog owners.…

There are so many pet owners that don’t register their dogs or don’t have pet license in their city.

So I imagine there are 3 times more that what is actually said.

Here…try these websites!

Pam has a good point, I’m sure there are many unregistered dogs/dog owners…but those websites can give you an estimate!

Good question,

it appears as though you’ve got good websites to go to,

the real question is, how many responsible dog owners are out


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