Poll-What do you think is the best name for my Commercial Cleaning and Floor Care Business?

I am starting my own small business…I have compiled a list of names that my wife and I and others have thought of, and would like my fellow YA’ers to vote for the business name they feel would be the most catchy/clever/professional. While my initial customer base will primarily be commercial/business…

For most people choosing the right business name is one of the hardest things to do because there are many questions the name needs to answer like:

What is your USP? I would try to incorporate the promise of your USP into your company name, if possible. For example: Cleanest Floors in (your town) or (your town’s) Absolute Best Floor Care, or On-Time Guaranteed Cleaning Service, etc.

Is it easy to remember? It should be brain-dead easy for branding purposes.

What will the website URL look like and can the name be integrated directly? It should.

What are your official Pantone company colors? Predominant colors in the cleaning industry are green, white, blue, and yellow. I would try to make a unique color for branding purposes, yet still “feel” clean. Black or gray aren’t good choices IMHO, although one major cleaning franchise does use black as their main color and it works for them. (their name is super simple to remember (Coit) and they’ve spent a ton of money branding it) The colors should sparkle and also fit with the name.

What font selection will you use?

What shape will the logo be? Is it just text or is the name integrated with the logo?

How will the name sound over the phone? Will it confuse customers? When I was young and dumb I once had a company called Sci-Clean..and it was a disaster all around. People confused it with “Sci-Fi” and “cycling”. Say sci-clean fast and you’ll hear it. My next co. name left no questions about who we are and what we did, and it sounds great on the phone.

Is it cutesy or professional? Cute works with residential but not so with commercial. “Baby Soft Cleaning”, for example, is cute…but has a purely residential tone.

What is the name of your top 10 competitors? Can you identify components of their name that helps people associate their brand? Can you put your own twist on it and call it your own? Servepro did this with Servicemaster.

Lastly, don’t forget you’ll have to live with the choice so it really should be your decision.

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