Rugby vs. American Football(NFL)?

The arguement continues. O.K. Let’s get in. When people started saying American football is NOT tougher than Rugby I thought they were kidding. I viewed, “Rugby biggest hits.” on, and I found that you will only get hit in your own error. Sure, they don’t wear padding, but only because…

rugby is for girls

I’m an American living in Japan and I’ll tell you what I tell to all the immature Rugby guys from Australia, New Zealand and England who preach about how their sport is so manly (the more mature guys don’t feel the need to brag):

Imagine in rugby your running with the ball and you take shoulder to ribs. Ouch, right? Now imagine you take that same shoulder to your un-protected ribs (95% of football players do not wear rib-pads)except that this time shoulder is covered by hard plastic. Which is worse? Now imagine that someone wearing a motorcycle helmet runs into you full-speed, head-first into your un-protected ribs. Now remember that in football, you don’t even need to have the ball for someone to hit you like that. Which sport is tougher?

Just tell a rugby guy the same thing and you’ll be fine. I could go on and on but there is no need to. That’s all I ever need to say and that shuts them up right there. And I never once say that rugby is a sissy sport because it’s not. I have the world of respect for anyone who does any contact sport. All the sports are tough and all the players are tough-guys in my book.

They’re both rough, just in their own ways. In rugby, the hits you can deliver are hard but more regulated because of the lack of padding. You have to wrap up the ball carrier and take him safely to the ground. If you launched yourself at a ball carrier like a missile, like some football defenders do, you’d probably get a yellow card and could risk serious injury.

Football players have to wear padding because more violent hits are allowed. Plus, blindside hits are far more common, since in rugby, the ball is always the offside line, which means a rugby player almost always sees the hit coming. In football, you can’t prepare your body for the hit that comes up behind you, hence the padding.

Rugby players have to have greater endurance than football players, since the action is more continuous and most players go for the entire 80 minutes, without substitutions. But football players take and deliver much harder hits.

They’re two totally different games that require two different kinds of toughness. It’s really pointless to constantly compare the two of them.

I know next to nothing about rugby, but from what I can tell football is a hyper-organized and specialized version of rugby, which is what I love. It combines ridiciulous physical abilities and feats with technique, strategy and specialization like no other sport does.

Also, this is America, and football is a big $$$$$ business. What owner in his right mind would want his star player going out there without pads and lose all that revenue if they got hurt (more of a when than if actually)?

the rugby players , the American footballers probably do not know the rules of rugby or how to play the game at a professional level. It a bit like asking the world champions at subbitteo to take on Italy at football

Both tough. NFL players are much larger then rugby players.

Ex. Leaonard Davis 355 lbs. Kris Jenkins 350 lbs., Terrence Cody 360+,

American Football used to be very similar to Rugby. To make it safer they added on paddings, helmets, banned the flying V, allowed forward passing and banned the scrums. The scrums and flying V were especially dangerous and caused many deaths and injuries, so instead of perfecting their techniques Americans banned scrummages and created the non contact line of scrimmage.

Rugby players are required to both defend and attack. Players in rugby (league) can do 7 times more tackling than those in American Football.

Both are very tough sports, but as you said, without padding in American football someone could get seriously hurt or even killed.

if an nfl team went up against an rugby team in rugby they would probably **** there pants

i play for a jv team and the average lineman in 180-240 and in varsity its 240-270 so yeah forget about collage and NFL


i agreee whit you american football is way tougher.. physically as wqell as mentally

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