Should you ban your kids from listening to rap music or watching rap videos?

And other overtly sexual or violent music videos?

I am speaking of your 11 year olds and up…..before they get too caught up in that stuff….

I believe in free speech and stuff….but the idea of forme drug dealers turn rap stars or survivors of several gangland hits, and wanna be pimps being viewed as…

No more than you should stop them listening to country music, for the overt jingoism (We’ll put a boot in your @ss, it’s the American way!), infidelity and its violent consequences (put my boots through both headlights), and alcoholism (the entire song Alcohol, and Whiskey Lullaby).

And no more than you should stop them from listening to pop for its overt hypersexuality (oops I did it again) and materialism (I’m a barbie girl in a barbie world).

I do not at all like violent/gangsta rap, but there is a lot of rap that does not extoll such things. I have heard quite a lot of Christian rap (not actually that good, but whatever) and very good non-violent rap.

But I think if you raise your kids right you don’t have to worry about that too much. I’m not saying that you’re doing a bad job, just that if your kids know right and wrong then they will get their virtues from you, not from the TV. If you spend time with them and get them interested in things, they will not rely on TV and radio for role models… don’t let it get as far as obsession with music videos and artists, expose them to a huge variety of music (world, classical, jazz [yes, kids like these] celtic, carribean, gospel, blues, chants, pop, country, reggae, folk, new wave, anything you can think of) and then they will be so enthralled with the world around them that they won’t dedicate their life to one artist or genre. Encourage your kids to be different.

If you’re going for music videos, check out Animusic (you can see it on youtube). It is amazing, and kids love it (so do adults) because it is instrumental music with futuristic animations… too cool to explain, just check it out (not a band, it ran on PBS).

I am only 18, so I remember what it was like to be a kid, and I remember that my parents encouraged me to listen to anything and everything. They wanted me to broaden my horizons… I listened to John Denver and Patsy Cline since I was born, grew up on oldies and classical, listened to Harry Chapin and Gordon Lightfoot in my teen years, Christian, pop and celtic in my early teens (with some country), and now I am into Talking Heads and The Tragically Hip. There is so much to be discovered… I would encourage my kids to learn just as my parents encouraged me, and I would monitor what they listen to, but not keep them cooped up either.

I think u should not let them watch the videos but let them listen to the “radio edited” of that rap music.

There is music which glorifies God and music which can glorify satan. Sometimes music can also be neutral. Psalms speaks of playing instruments and singing to God. Music was His idea. God made sound and He also made the materials for us to make the instruments with. Materials are neutral, it’s how we use them. God also says to sing to Him a new song.

As a form of entertainment only. no. BUT based on foul content, yes, just as you would any foul music or videos.

i think that parents should stop depending on the media to raise their kids and start spending time with them.

why do you think they pick up these songs? they have no self identity. when was the last time you taught your child about family history.

I do not have any children but if I did, they would certainly not be allowed to listen to rap or see those garbage of rap videos.

i think people need to grow up and stop blaming other people for their kids being bad, i just saw Live free or die hard and that doesn’t make me won’t to jump out of a plane

um… i wouldn’t until they were older because the lyrics and scenes in the video are unsafe for young kids in my opinion

Absolutely. My daughter and I will not let her 13 y.o.son listen to this filth. He is not a garbage can.

If you don’t like the rappers rapping about sex, cops, shooting, etc., sure, but, if that doesn’t bother you, then, you shouldn’t

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