Step dads..?? hate them.. or love them??

I have a step dad and he is always on my case about every little stupid thing its like he hates me can anyone relate?? or disagree??

i have had sooo many step dads in my life my mom get married then divorced again
but my mom was married to some guy named george for about 5 years[divorced now] and they had a little girl together and everything. but anyways i was 5 when i met him he ment everything to me but then he started getting mad at me because i wouldnt call him “dad” he wasnt my dad so i dont have to call him

He used to yell at me for everything
But i would just yell back because he had no right to yell at me i was not his daughter
and my older brother used to always yell at him too because he didnt kno how to be a father to any of his 4 kids either!

now my whole family hates him even his kids
i can relate to you

P.s now i have a new step dad AGAIN!!!
but he is ok for now

Sometimes you have to try and understand..or think about where they’re coming from… what if that was your real dad… and he acted totally the same.. what you think about that?

Maybe this step dad is meticulous.. and there are some people who can be observant and will always tell you what they think is wrong with what you’re doing or how you’re dressing..which can be because they do care for you. If a person never really cared.. why get bothered, right? Why waste effort, then? Of course, there are people out there who are just mean.. but the thing here is… Try to figure out what it really is.. maybe this step dad of yours actually cares for you a great deal.. Give it some room and try to find out before feeling like you wanna hate him for the rest of your life… Ball’s in your court.

Yeah I hate my step dad. What I think Happens with them is that they get married for the first time around 35 or so and never had kids before and have no clue how to deal with their step kids except to threaten them or if they do have kids they want nothing to do with the step kids in most cases.
But yeah It is just not you.

Believe it or not it would be hard to be a step dad. If he is on your case all the time then you need to talk to your Mom. Tell her you are uncomfortable with him disciplining you. Ask her if she will be the only disciplinary for a while. Talk with your step dad and tell him although you do respect him you are not his daughter and would like it if you two could start off as friends.

I have a step dad. The first time I met him I hugged him, even before I knew his name or he was dating my mom. However, I was 5 and I grew up with him so I love him to death.

Don’t worry, he nags me too, but it is mainly because he didn’t really raise his own children so he is rasing me and not letting me go because his children are pretty wild..

But by the end of the day, you kind of thank him, because my real dad isn’t really there for me like that!

Ya, I’m a step-dad and have a snotty little brat step kid that complains all of the time and doesn’t do shlt around the house, I pay for everything in this kids entire life (mom doesn’t work) and he still won’t lift a finger

I had a step dad, but then my parents got back together, and u kno we had a freat life then.

It waz hard 4 me, He always yelled, but soon enough i yell bac and said asshole lol, yes i did………oops. I juss wounded up, gettin push on the door, but i thank god for not gettin slap.

Yes, accept my stepfather is two- faced.He is wonderful in front of my mom and company,but just awful to me in private.Which since my mom often goes back to our family own south is often.You should confront him and tell him it has to stop or you’re going to the higher authorities!

Hi.U should love your dad becoz if he was not there u would not even had a dad.He is behind u because he cares for u like his own daughter.U should love him too.

Since he just got done balancing my checkbook. I would say love him. He is good 90% of the time.

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