Super Delegates in the pocket of the Clintons?

Bill is a super delegate, and so are many close friends that the Clinton’s supported and campaigned for over the years.

They even had one guy on T.V. saying that even if his District and State overwhelmingly choose Obama, he would still pledge his delegates to Clinton, because as an elected official he makes…

If this happens it will split the party maybe forever. I would never vote for another Democrat. I would go third party and encourage others to do the same. I would feel this way if Obama wasn’t the people’s choice but won because of super delegates. Why are we wasting time going to the polls if we will be overrules by politicians?
I think everyone should write their Senators and let them know how they feel. This is not about Hillary and Obama it is about our rights.

Hillary only won Florida and Michigan because she was the only one on the ballot. They all agreed not to be on the ballot or campaign in those states. It was done because the states wouldn’t comply with the rules. Hillary went back on her word and decided to do it anyway. She doesn’t deserve credit for being a cheat and a liar.

Most of the superdelegates are still uncommitted, and are likely to stay that way until the popular vote is in. Then they’ll do what they usually do – vote for the same candidate that the voters selected. Even so-called committed superdelegates can change their minds on the evening of the convention and vote for someone else. Nothing is decided yet, and everything hinges on the results of the primaries for the next couple of months.

The situation is very unique and it’s something that comes with a representative government. The people representing you might not support you at all and you can still make decisions for them. Imagine the president doing something that 80 percent of the population were against, we couldn’t do anything. It’s funny how we are not as politically motivated as other countries and don’t use our right to protest. France is way ahead of us in this department and their basic rights are fully protected or else they would literally overthrow the government. If we want to change the way we elect candidates, the people as a whole need to unite and protest. Looking at the election ahead, the Democrats have to support whoever the nominee is and beat the Republicans.

I think the super delegates will come around if Obama wins Ohio. The reason why I say that is Hillary will probably win in Texas due to the Latino vote. However, this election cycle has been crazy so will see.

Most of the discussions I have seen/heard on this subject pretty much have said you can’t put much credence in the supposed way in which each Super Delegate is going to vote.

They are able to change their minds, and most will do just that when the large majority of the people have voted a particular way that doesn’t coincide with their original pick.

If it resulted in that…I’m sure that all heck would break loose. Donna Brazil is a superdelegate and she said if the nomination came down to the superdelegates, she’d leave the party. I also have reason to believe that she is or was a Clinton supporter.

no longer all are politicians yet many have been offered or a minimum of the politicians have gained campaign money from the two Obama and Clinton in an attempt to purchase them. that could be a tragic day for our balloting equipment and no count the consequence will might desire to be rectified.

Not to worry, clinton will win the nomination.. the political machine will intervene, and bam… clinton gets nominated, Obama is given some sort of post or promised some leadership position in the party. He is happy, and claims that he has gone farther than any previous African-american, blah, blah… two days later every forgets; clinton than puts claim to another lie (i.e. 35 yrs experience) the democrats buy into her BS… and here comes the general election. The problem is that the democrats have turn billy into some sort of rock star.. when in reality this is man who is a loser. He has not convictions, and similar to his wife, he will pimp his daughter if it means having power, and staying in front of the camera.

Super Delegates will be going for Obama, Hillary needs to concede & throw support to President Elect Obama.

If Obama loses because of machine politics it’s Hillary who will be disenfranchised.

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