Violent thoughts are normal to what extent?

Everyone has violent thoughts, but apparently my thoughts are too extreme and aren’t normal at all.

I had sadistic fantasies. I was never interested in the death, only the torture. I liked the screams of pain and pleading for their lives. I would fantasize when I was bored, or I couldn’t fall asleep….

It sounds as though you are creative… Maybe you should write or make films… There is an idea Edgar Allen Poe came up with, “the imp of the perverse”… Everyone has ideas they would not like to see themselves execute. Maybe not only distract yourself( awesome start though that’s what a counselor would help u learn to do… Why not replace some fantasies… Stop and rewind if they get violent…) I imagine saying offensive things intensionally for shock and amusement… I remember a reality show on OCD had a girl who was obsessed with a fear of murdering someone… The therapist let her hold a knife to her throat to prove she wasn’t going to kill anyone. I think it’s normal, but if you ever start creating a plan you know you will carry out, tell a trusted person and seek counseling.

Well, I think they’re not allowed to get to the death point. Anywhere past that (ex. torture), or just that, is a bit unusual and extreme. I mean, I’ve been so mad that I’ve wanted to punch someone repeatedly, but then I was just like “CALMMMMM DOWN.” Just try not to create an image. The image is the worst. Sounds are fine, I guess.

Have a nice day 🙂

I vent my rage on punching bags, weights, and brisk cardio on late evenings. I feel like hurting people sometimes, but I know thats not what i want to do. Testosterone levels are high in teenage males, so it is normal to be irritated quite often, if you think that your violent thoughts are getting out of control, i suggest you see a psychiatrist.

Well your violent thoughts are extreme, and I’ve never thought that way. A lot of people have more violent thoughts than others, you should try not watching many violent/horror movies that can make you think this way.

i have violent thoughts sometimes but not like this haha

i mean sometimes i think about kicking someones *** when they make me mad, and i have. but torture is a bit extreme.

i mean you can think whatever you want, just dont actually cut someone or torture them. or kill them. or anything like that haha.

if you cut me with a knife i’d **** you up so bad that youd never be able to hold something again once i was done with you.

You may sadistic. It’s sounds like you are becoming a socio path because you like thinking about people getting hurt

Violent thoughts are normal but once you start plan your execution of them there is a problem.

Sorry to hear about your demons…any bad thoughts are just that…I do hope u pray, cause only Jesus can help u cause he has been here and He knows what we are going through…Please get counseling from a certified psychiatrist or just surround yourself with Christian friends…

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