What is my zodiac sign and my sun sign…? my date of birth is 6th october 1987….?

Dear Nadiara,

Zodiac and sun sign is Virgo. But for other details u have to mention ur time and place of birth also.

Vedic astrology from ancient times have developed predictive tools by way of finest calculations. it has got method to generate personalized chart for each and every native born on this earth. and by this way personalized not generalized predictions are made. If u want help and prediction in this regard u may

However u may further join us along with ur birth details for analysis in detail and suggesting astrological remedies if required, at following yahoo group:

Group web address :http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ASTROCONSU…
Group email address: ASTROCONSULT@yahoogroups.co.in


That would depend where and what time you were born. But it’s safe to say you are 11 degrees Scorpio sun, Venus approximately 0 Sag, Mercury 27 degrees (minutes depend on time- retrograde) in Libra, Aries moon later degree, Saturn in Sag approximately 18 degrees, Jupiter 22 Aries (again retrograde) Mars 17 Libra, Uranus 24 Sag, Neptune 5 Cap 51, Pluto approximately 10 Scorpio, North node in Aries. You are definitely a powerful force to be reckoned with.

You’re a Libra sun sign. Your Ascendant: 13°09′ Aquarius if you’re in India.

Your zodiac and sun sign are the same thing. Your rising sign is something completely different.


ur sun sign is libra..!!!! zodiac and sun sign are same things….

for moon sign u need to mention the time of birth…!!!

zodiac and sun signs are both same meaning.
You r a libra.

You’re a Libra.


You are a beautiful Libra.


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