Who is the most stupid, slimy, nauseating & revolting liar on Fox “News?”?

Obviously the usual suspects are Bill O’Lielly, Sean Hannity & Glen Dreck. , but you can pick anyone else who lies, er I meant works for Fox “News.” Feel free to make “facts” up about your “Fox Fave” after all that’s what they do everyday. And whatever you do, don’t…

(d) All of the above.

no longer something i can arise with would be funnier than the common, schizoid, misinformed, sensationalistic pigsh*t that by threat and purposely spills from the mouth of Glenn Beck. each little thing that pours out from this fleshy deskjockey is finished to garner interest from the already frightened elderly component of our inhabitants. it truly isn’t any ask your self that an A.D.D. alcoholic (supposedly alcoholic) could host a nonsensical, propaganda-weighted down teach. have you ever heard his radio teach?? He feels like a 6 year old that’s been became loose after eating 10 lbs of sugar. Calling his habit “spastic” is putting it mildly.

Karl Rove

None on Fox are as obnoxious or rude as Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, that liberal/democrat cable news network, they are worse than CNN, another liberal/democrat news outfit. Fox journalists and pundits provide counterpoints to your worldview and you cannot stand it, you cannot argue either as evidenced by throwing out the “liar” insult without backing it up. I hear facts stated on Fox, this must disturb you.

Anderson Cooper lost to a comedian on Jeopardy.

It’s not Fox News.
It’s Faux News. Like the Daily Show, with more laughs per minute.

Glen Beck gets under my skin, BUT his shows are ALWAYS truthful.

That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child. they are all equal in my eyes. ( equal d-bags)

Nancy P.

“Who is the most stupid, slimy, nauseating & revolting liar on Fox “News?”?”

Wasn’t Obama on there a little bit ago?

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