Why do americans say they kicked the british out in the civil war?

The civil war was to do with slavery, and seeing how a lot british colonised america (hense why you’re speaking english) surely the americans fighting in the civil war WERE british. or atleast descendants of british? i dont think many americans no their history.

I know history but you need to learn how to compose cohesive thought.

Plenty of Americans know their history well enough. So well in fact that many will argue that the British had almost NOTHING to do with it (sure there was some international trade going on and one can argue they had a hand in it there) Otherwise, it was a war between the American North and South (i.e. a “civil” war)

The reason why so many Americans will argue that we kick the British out during the Revolutionary War was because we don’t identify ourselves as British. By that point in history the colonies grew so far away from the Crown that we identified ourselves as a sovereign nation. By your logic you should be able to go up to someone in North Ireland and call them British because they were part of the Crown at one point too. I wouldn’t recommend it though because you’re liable to get your teeth knocked out.

I’m not aware of any civil war history that speaks of “kicking out” the British. While they were officially neutral, war with Britain was avoided on several accounts, especially after the Trent affair, when Britain sent troops to Canada.

Know how it was avoided at that point? Lincoln apologized. Guess he was just another president going around apologizing for the US.

The British (and French) consulates advised their subjects in the Confederacy to not be involved in any combat against the US.

I’m American and my family came from the UK. I know that for sure. But I don’t know why you’re saying that the British were kicked out of the civil war. I’ve never heard that before.

The British were long gone from America, by the time the US Civil War was fought between 1861–1865.

More research before attempting to troll otherwise you look stupid.

not sure where you’re getting your information but never in my life have i ever heard an American say that about the civil war. i think YOU are confused. we know full well we had already whipped yo’ @sses in the revolutionary war. and yes we speak AMERICAN english because the best and brightest left your country and came here to found a new one… all the stupid, lazy ones stayed behind. and it’s not like we’re just transplanted brits. we come from all over the world and we are a melting pot of races and cultures. there is no stereotypical American. someone who looks asian or who is black or brown is every bit as American as someone who looks “white”. and many whites are of german, polish, scandinavian, russian, scottish, irish descent or any combination.

? Nobody has ever made the argument that Americans were never British … Of course we came from England, however the people that came felt as though they could rule themselves better than the British could so far away. There was never any argument about who’s British or not British…clearly you are the one who doesn’t know their history.

You clearly do not know any history let alone have any clue on what nationality is. Another thought you should chew on, the majority of Americans do not hail from England.

No American’s say that, beggin the question of why you are making such blatantly false claims?

If this is what are High Schools are churning out now a days,we are in serious trouble.

Someone must be living on a different planet than the rest of us here.

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