Why do women dress in skimpy/provocative clothes and don’t like men looking?

Where I live the weather recently went back up into the upper 70’s, so of course everyone’s still whipping out some of their summer clothes. Today on campus I saw a bunch of girls wearing short skirts, tight and low cut shirts, or short shorts where you can practically see their butt cheeks individually. A…

I think they do it because it makes them feel superior. They are not particularly intelligent, Obviously, but they probably go home at the end of the day thinking “OH i had to chase off ALL these GUYS i’m SUCH A HOT PIECE.”

It’s just a sad way to raise ones self-esteem.

When women dress particularly slutty for attention, and you can tell that they are hoping they get some, I do my best not to look at them, because I don’t want them to feel the satisfaction.

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Why do women dress in skimpy/provocative clothes and don't like men looking?
Where I live the weather recently went back up into the upper 70's, so of course everyone's still whipping out some of their summer clothes. Today on campus I saw a bunch of girls wearing short skirts, tight and low cut shirts, or short shorts where you can practically see their butt cheeks…

Not at all! 😉 I love dressing up and if some of the stats mentioned in this question are true* than there are plenty of men who crossdress! What makes crossdressing seem ‘wrong’ is the fact that it’s not ‘accepted as the norm’ in society. But if the next male fashion trend was to be skirts and tights and dresses and leggings and high heels etc. than there would no doubt be plenty of men who would immediately change their style to suit! ..and no-one would consider it ‘wrong’. *not saying the stats mentioned are not true as such, but reliability of stats on a website like this is not great. But it’s a fact that there are plenty of men all round the world who enjoy crossdressing.

Maybe they want attention from certain guys, its just that the wrong guys are noticing, and it makes them mad that the guy they want to look at them won’t so they are taking out their anger and frustration on the guy who’s attention they do not want. It’s a matter of feeling insecure the first thing a guy notices about them are their bodies, it makes them feel objectified. Truthfully some girls only have looks going for them while others have so much more to offer and guys are such visual creatures. Some fail to see women as beautiful inside and out, simply disrespectful. I did not choose to be skinny with huge boobs and a huge brain; however, I want people to notice how intelligent I am instead of looks. No matter what I wear they are still noticeable. All the guys that only notice that piece of me are not worth it and they can stare all they want.

I am inclined to agree with you, although you would think I am old as dirt and outdated. It depends on the standards of the institution.
Some colleges, believe it or not, have dress codes, or something resembling one. .

When I was in college there was a person who wore spike heels, and jeans
that looked painted on, and a short fur jacket. . I couldn’t do that if I wanted to.There was another with no underwear, obviously, and i didn’t mean to see that, no bra, and her shirt tied under her bust. skin tight jeans, painted on. I , too, would not do this. A
nother wore shorts up to top of her thighs.Teacher said it did not bother him, when I said something.I am sure it did not, for many reasons. This was a while ago, and I am sure things are even worse today.. I have never dressed like that in my life. Not at home and not in school., I would not be caught dead dressed like that. I do and did like to dress at home sometimes in sexy or pretty things for my husband, that is not the same as going to school and doing this.

I “got”clobbered if I wore a pretty dress in hs although it was not tight, had sleeves, and showed no cleavage, but had a V neck and was bright colored, or one with a square neckline. People died and got pregnant,(lies) so they inundated me with guilt, I don’t think the guys really noticed. the dress…someone wanted the dress, more likely. I was stuck with plaids.
Or some female did not want me to wear it due to it looking good on me.

Teenaged guys have hormones. It is not really fair to expect them not to notice, but they can refrain from the whistling and remarks.
I don’t think it is right to dress like that. I guess if enough guys were disturbed or against it they would go to the college board, or whatever and try to do something about. I don’t really think they care at all. They simply do not want to be censored for the remarks .If they cared, they would object to the
ones who could do something about it.

If you dress like a whore, don’t be mad when you are treated like one.

I have a grown daughter, and I told her the same thing when she was 16 and wearing way too small clothes. I blame the girls parents that never took time to be part of their kids lives and show them the difference between dressing like a whore, and dressing appropriately. My daughter is grown, out of college, and has a wonderful career, and knows how to dress like a lady, and not a lady of the night.

Those girls that dress like that are nothing but slutty *****, whores, etc. If you look at a girl who dresses like that and she has her “boobs” hanging out of her shirt. She excepts you to look at them, And when you do she goes and calls you a pervert for doing it and slaps the heck out of you. Seriously when stuff like that happens its mostly their fault for doing it. Most of the times they are just being attention seeking whores. Sorry if this sounds offended. I’m not a pervert or anything. I just think girls like that need to dress normal.

I’m more of a skirt and dress type of woman. I prefer dresses that are about knee-length though

If you have nice hip and legs to wear them maybe its cause there uncovering its more sexy than pants therefore you get a lttle bit more attention taking a look at them

you are one of the few sensible women out there…I wish there were more like you…for men, I think we are damned if we do, damned if we don’t.

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