2002 Ford explorer starting issue?

I was checking the wiring connections in my current alarm in 02 ford explorer. when i put the alarm back in its location, my explorer would not start, it would just crank, but not start. the alarm does have a starter kill relay in which the diode is broken. i dont really know why the explorer wont start. does…

It might have something to do with the stock PATS system. Take it to our dealer to have them check it out.

Try jumping it again. Wiggle all (4) the clamps until you see them scratch the terminal. Leave them for 10+ mins. May want to rev up the vehicle doing the charging (1500-2000rpm). Take it somewhere and have the battery checked. If it still just clicks, but doesn’t turn, try hitting the side of the starter (bigger metal cylinder part) with a hammer while someone tries to start it.

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