As an American do you feel threatened that the position of superpower is effectively over ? ?

US as a superpower has basically been killed by Bush . US image abroad ( as a influential member of the world community ) has effectively ended with Iraq .
now the major economies which exported to US giving US large credit have serious worries if with bail-out / war and all the US government could get lower…

America has rightly lost it’s position in the world. Unfortunately, most Americans are delusional as regards to America’s position in the world. “Cowboy politics” or whatever you wish to call it. Our government has been operating for the last 8 years in a “if they don’t like it, we’ll kick they’re a$$ mode” Doesn’t work.

We have been acting like spoiled children – We have our Nuke’s but you can’t have any – nah- nah-nah.

Currently, I am ashamed to be an American.

Considering the jobs of a good many of your country’s citizens are dependent on the U.S., I am surprised by your remarks.

This country is still the greatest country in the world and it will remain such. I don’t care if we are the most powerful militarily or even financially, but Americans are the most dynamic, inventive, compassionate and industrious people in the world, and we will rise above our challenges. We don’t give up and slink away with our tail between our legs and we don’t choose to remain neutral when it comes to questions of freedom for all. We have put our money where our mouth is and laid the lives of our soldiers on the line to protect people from cruel dictators and it our purse has been emptied by countries like yours that haven’t been able to care for themselves and give their own people a decent life.

Do you really want to know why the U.S. didn’t win in Vietnam and why we have not totally succeeded in Iraq? It is because WE are not willing to do ANYTHING to win like does the opposition. WE do not willingly kill civilians and helpless children. WE do not conduct war to destroy and conquer…but to save and rebuild. And do you want to know why people here in the U.S. are angry over Iraq? It is because we see that the people of Iraq are not willing to take responsibility for taking care of themselves and we are tired of seeing the blood of brave American men and women being spilled on their behalf.

America has been foolish to expect the rest of the world to be willing to do something just for the sake of doing what is right. We are one of the only countries in the world who has stood up for those that can not stand up for themselves. In some ways, I am glad that this crisis has hit our nation. Perhaps it will force us to reconsider our level of compassion for those less fortunate than ourselves. Perhaps it will force us to PUT AMERICA FIRST for a change. Then we shall see what happens to the rest of the world.

I really don’t care that much. Just because we’re going to maybe be a little less powerful (and awesome) doesn’t bother me. We won 2 world wars (with help of course. Rather we were the help.)when we weren’t a super power, infact that’s how we became one in the first place.

Not that it ever really was, it was all just make believe. What could America do to Castro, ever? Not buy the best cigars on Earth? Ouch, that hurt him a lot. And China? Commies just thrived and did whatever they wanted. No one with a brain has ever believed that “superpower” bullsh*t, that was all very much like a gorilla thumping his chest when he’s scared sh*tless and hopes to god to scare away the other guy.

O GAWD NO we are not through as a super power and I wouldn’t care if we were. What matters to me is that we maintain our culture and way of living as a Republic.

Poohcat1 said it best. America, still the greatest nation on earth and will continue to be.

I’m a little older than the 30 year old you mention, but I welcome the time when it is no longer important to be “best” but when it will be good to be one of the community of the “best” — in whatever area.

The real question, that you should be asking yourself, is why do you keep asking this same question. Are you your own propagandist?

Thank Bush for selling us out to China and the Saudis.

Maybe the Obama team and Americans can bring it back

lol, nonAmericans think about this a lot more than we do.

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