How can you start your own buisness when youre 13?

Im thinking of starting my own Business i have chickens and im planning to start a Business with them next year when they start laying i already have 3 that lay but there the the families i have two of my own and i might get another one so i should be set its not gona be a big Business just a little starter one i…

Selling eggs will be hard at 13. There are regulations on selling food goods. You have to check your chickens for disease and other things, you also need this proved in paperwork just in case someone eats one of your eggs and gets salmonella or other egg related illnesses.
Not really possible at your age though.
Good luck still

Good for you! Well done. I wish you every success – this chicken & egg bsiness sounds really good. You asked how you can start a business at 13… but you’ve already got just about everything you need. You’ve got the idea, you’ve got the chickens (plus more to come, hopefully), and most important of all, you’ve obviously got the ‘get up and go’. I’d suggest you start by selling to your neighbours and friends, and just see how it goes from there. I fully expect you’ll have to buy more chickens to keep up with the demand.

And if you’re living anywhere near Edinburgh, let me know – I’ll buy my eggs from you.

Just do it. Tell everyone you meet that you have eggs or chickens for sale. If you put the price too low, you will not make a profit. If the price is too high, no one will buy from you. This is the entrepreneur’s dilemma. You will get it figured out. Don’t forget to ask local restaurants if they want your fresh eggs. They will..

Don’t be worried, everybody’s body is different and 13 is just a starting age for many. One of my friend’s mother didn’t get her period till she was 18. I wouldn’t worry, but if you’re really concerned, you could make an appointment with your doctor.

you could always outsource you paper round

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