Israel is a disgusting nation just looking to spill blood, who broke the cease fire.Do you agree?

These are just the lies Israel feeds to the media because they can. Hamas DID NOT break the cease fire. If you would do ANY research you would of found Israel broke the cease fire 2 months ago in a raid in palestine killing 6 palestinians. And when hamas retaliated, Israel used it as an excuse to kill, because they…

hey 17 year old. if Hamas was smart they would stop sending there petty rockets. Israel can stop only if Hamas stops sending their best tries Israel wouldn’t have to hurt them. First of all, you need to get your facts straight. Have you ever met an Israeli? no. but you have listened to one… me. before you start accusing every Israeli maybe you should get to know one. Just like any other nation, Israel has its ups and downs. this is not one of them. Once Hamas stops attacking they can stop sacrificing themselves. Israel has much more power than it seems. If they wanted they could blow up the Gaza strip. Ever heard of Israeli military technology because its ahead of the US. Get your facts straight and leave the fighting to adults. Not little 9 yearolds like you pretending to be 17.

From what I can tell (the arguments overlap, are ambiguous, and can go back centuries if you want to delve into religous rhetoric): Mass exodus of Jews post-WW2, moved into land that British owned under the Mandate of Palestine, kicking out families who were already there. Since 1948 the new state of Israel has been trying to expand its borders, attacking neighbouring countries and killing its own citizens (this actually constitutes terrorism). Israel’s well coordinated massacres and thefts of land have been going on for years. Survivors who lost their homes are fighting back (quite incredibly, considering the support (money and weapons) the US and Europe has given Israel), which is why there is a war. If you really want to understand the situation I would advise reading books, and avoiding mainstream media which throughout the years has been unashamedly biased towards Israel (presumably because of financial pressures and threats).

as a proud iranian jew myself, i stand with israel for life. hamas encourages its people to blow themselves up and you’re saying israel is a disgusting nation just looking to spill blood? hamas broke the cease fire, not israel. get your facts straight…

may israel destroy hamas because they deserve it!

after these holcust (as isreali leaders described) commited by Israel against innocent palastinian civilians, i really started doubting about the corretness of the Holcust story during the World War. The same group who has told us the Saddam Hussain has the weapons of mass destruction (as Kolin Pau film in the security council) are the people who spread this propaganda about holocust. however having sufferef from Holucust, is not an execuse for you to commit Holcust against others. Palastinians are nations who has not attacked us, why we attck thenm and support Israe? they ask palastinains to grow up and forget palastine because it has been now for 60 years but the were figting to get palastine for thousands of year as they said, they are really discusting and blood suckers, our government are traitors

There are those who say abolish war lest it lead from the form it is in now to WW3.

I think this fits into your question.

The people who say this think a United Nations which has full power to intervene is necessary .

There are also those that say they would like a U.S.A. which lends itself to such for the reason the U.S.A has a lot of power but united humanity has even more.

Nope . . . I disagree

and think you’re are probaby a professionally paid blogger for the Radical Muslim faction.

Dan in Miami

It’s not the Palestinians, it’s HAMAS

You need to get your facts straight.

HAMAS has been launching rockets(specialized for maximum lethality) from heavily populated Palestinian areas in Gaza towards Israeli civilian targets for years now…

In doing this cowardly bastardly deed, they are essentially using Palestinian children as shields…

Meanwhile they have been casuing one Israeli death here, another there – schoolchildren, women, elderly, young… for years

Israel got fed up and started retaliating…

But Israel isn’t purposely bombing civilians – collateral damage is inevitable in any conflict…

The Israelis don’t gun down children – that is a bold face lie – pure propaganda… and you would have to be totally lost to all reality to believe it.

The fact is, as long as the bloodthirsty HAMAS terrorists exist, Palestinians and Israelis can never live in peace…

I wish that they would live in peace… I dont hate Palestinians – I support a creation of a Palestinian State…

But to suggest Israel controls our media and that is an evil nation – LOL are you insane?



I don’t condone the deaths on either side. This bloody Mayhem must end – but it wont end for Hamas until Israel is destroyed and all her people with it…

and it wont end for Israelis and Palestinians until every last murderous member of the HAMAS organization is dead…

God help us all.


“All you hear from the media is the occasional suicide bomber or missle fired into Israel, what you DON’T hear is the murder’s Israel commits every day, killing civilians.”

Wow! You have surely twisted and tortured the actual events. Try again.

I think the otherway around, Hamasters are the root of evil driving this war. Israel is the lion that beats the hyena.


Sure, I’ll try to be brief. Neither side is “rightous” killing is immoral, war is immoral. Both Israel and Palestenians are ruthless in their causes; both had taken bad blows and commited crimes any religion and common sense would dim as a “human crisis”. The fact of the matter remains, Israel has the IDF (the army), Palestine has groups other than the army dedicated and driven by HATE to slaughter and rid of “the jewish problem”. Do you know who also claimed to have a solution for “the jewish problem”? Our buddy Adolf Hitler, seems to me anyone with such chain of thought is the root cause of evil that drives ‘a’ war. Is there good in Palestine? yes there is, is there good in Israel? yes there is, bth factions are not exactly right with every move but when such problems begin; when consumed by hate and driven by it; to cause a war and inflict pain on the innocent? despite the media, it can be one jew or a million jews; the bottom line is it comes down to this particular time of “good vs. evil”; in this case all fingers points to TERRORISTS; not palestinians.

In any event,
Happy new year!

On one more note; I read Fred quoting you:

“All you hear from the media is the occasional suicide bomber or missle fired into Israel, what you DON’T hear is the murder’s Israel commits every day, killing civilians.”

Notice your use of the word “occasional”; Suicide bombings and missils firing into israel should not be “occasional”, it shouldn’t be period.

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