So many Gods have been disproved over centuries. Aztec Gods/Greek Gods/Roman Gods/Egyptians.?

What’s the difference in our ‘God’ today and why didn’t these guys mentioned above believe in him? And in 200 years time will we have filtered Christianity and other beliefs out completely and keep the positive correlations between religious skepticism and time continual? This generation is already…

As you will someday find out, disbelieving things about the Christian God, does not eliminate him nor does it make Him any less powerful. He cannot and will not EVER be disproven, because He is the Real, ONE, True God. Time is all that is necessary to establish this fact for all eternity.


H, as I can tell you the proof isn’t all around you. I consider myself a Christian and try my best to live to the laws of the Bible. Sometimes my view of this world as a place where miracles and God’s present just doesn’t exist for me. Doubt is a human characteristic attribute all us humans are born with. With that said yes there is a danger that Christianity as I know it will be subverted to the point that it will only be a pale shade of it’s teaching today and the last 2000 years. Yes many in the so called Z generation are opposed to Christianity for that fact any religion. This Z generation has had no challenges of note. They live in a world of plenty and want for nothing. There is food on the table, Very hip scientist provide all the easy theory answers for us that God is a myth etc. That we only had electricity in the U.S for 120 years can tell one how arrogant they and many of us have become. My believe to many is dated. The gods of the Greeks, Egyptians and Aztec have indeed been lost until their nothing more than bit parts in movies. Now Christianity unlike it’s predecessors who influence was limited to relatively small geographic areas has spread world wide. Many a died hard Christian is determine that our faith will not be diluted. My believe is in 200 years we will still believe as we have for the last 2000 years in God and God’s rule of law. And yes many of our youth have accept the scientific theory of no god. However, you may be amazed in the number of youths who accept there is a God. And their faith is strong. As generations go I believe more and more will come to the conclusion that numerous scientific theories are what they are just false gods. God is supreme and that is a fact. I won’t get into Jesus, Heaven and hell, faith, wisdom and the glory of God. You probably heard it all before. I know your atheist and I can respect that. I sure the hell can’t judge you, what a loser I have been in my life . Nor withstanding it’s against God’s law to to so.. Only one comment , if I may. For an Atheist you have an inquiry mind. You seem to be puzzle by people, events and the human nature in itself and pass gods etc. I darn say your knowledge will grow and soon you may understand being a monotheist is not a curse word. I don’t know if I answer your “Q” or left you bemused or just shaking your head. But I hope you find some meaning in my answer.

You now the problem is that all anyone ever says “how do you know he doesn’t exist”. Put simply we don’t, and that’s cool. However, recently I asked a question that could bear interest. The theory goes that lets say there is a god, he created the world and all the things in it. Now, assuming from a religious standing that this is the case, there will be only one religion that is correct. Lets say for arguments sake it’s Christianity (in one of it’s forms). Good for them, they’ve been worshipping the right god. But what about all the others? Does god have a T shirt for all the other religious followers that says “fooled you!”? So by process of elimination, what you can say is that, even if A god did create the world, how on earth do you know which one it is, and how do you know if you’re worshipping the right one? So it’s fair to say God could exist, but there are several that definitely don’t (although you can’t prove which ones they are).

Saying the Greek Gods were disproved is sort of like saying Democracy was disproved by Vietnam. Losing wars is not the same as being disproved. The Greek Gods were made illegal with the advent of Christianity among the Roman elite. (then the lords of Greece)

No great philosophical debate took place between intellectuals who were Pagan and ones who were Christian to disprove Prometheus, or Gaia, or Athena, or Hermes.

Think about it this way. Back then the gods represented something- storms, oceans, fertility, love, etc. In this age of science it is much harder to make arguments for these beings because we have explained all these things away. However, it is a bit easier to twist a one god representing everything so that it sails along time without being “disproved,” in the scientific sense. And also, “Thou shalt not tempt the Lord” helps quite a bit as well.

If our God, the God of the Holy Bible could have been disproved, He would have already been. Countless of attempts have been made to relay Him to mythology just like the gods that you mentioned. He’s Almighty God. There’s none like Him! So-called philosophers and scientists had tried their puny knowledge to disprove God. Most of them ended up confessing Him even on their deathbeds!

The churches are full of young men praising God and listening to the Gospel being preached. Our kids are more moral than the adults in this society. They are also more traditional than their own parents and teachers. Spend time listening to them and you’ll find that out.

Your arrogance is astounding,in your thought that somehow,we as humans have the ability to disregard that which we do not see.To say that you are prophesying that in 200 years we will “filter”out Christianity is laughable at the very least.Teenagers have always been the way you describe. Not many people go to they’re deaths as atheists-wisdom comes with time.Plus the 2plus billion Christians today don’t support your statement that there are more unbelievers than in the past.

I am not an Atheist, but I do believe there is something out there, or is it all a fairy tale? There’s lives no “proof” while I sit here on hell on earth

Yes, this is corrent but they were idols. An Idol was destoryed as its clear it was created by man. Chrsitianity and Islam both share the same common ground, We are creations, and we are created by the creator this is why many find it difficult to approve this information because we have to see something to believe it

no these gods have not been disproved its just the people are not around who believed in them

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