What color nail polish do guys think is attractive?

Also what about toes?

It’s anthropologically proven that guys are attracted to the color red, lol it’s true. Red checks, red lips and red polish. Guys go crazy for red!!! lol 🙂

(that’s why women wear blush and lipstick, and why red was one of the first nail polish colors produced)

Definitely crimson red toe nail polish.

My husband prefers red on both fingers and toes. He loves pretty much all shades of red. I don’t like red nails, so I compromise and get white tips with red flowers painted on my ring fingers (on the nails of course). He loves that too.

I think the color is red because i dont think they would like pink nail polish.

i don’t think it really matters. only thing with nails that guys should care about is if you are wearing like a red dress for a formal event with like neon orange, green, and yellow nail polish on! then it would be just…weird.. (:

Red, blue, black, pink, orange, french.
Wear the same colour on finger and toes

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