WW2 America joins Axis side?

What would have happen if the United States of America would have joined the Axis side?

It would not have happened. Far more possible that if Japan had not bombed Pearl Harbor, that the US would have stayed out of the War until Germany attacked. The fact is that Hitler had already made plans for attacking the US when Japan beat him to the punch.

Canada? Not an option. Canada was still part of the British Empire then. It is not of course likely that with a neutral United States that the Axis would have won. Japan would have been bogged down fighting in China forever, and Russia takes a looooot of conquering even if the Americans aren’t sending them trucks. More likely the war between the British Empire would have taken a lot longer, more like the wars against Napoleon, but would end with the Germans falling. But assume that you make a whole bunch of changes to let the Germans win. Keep the United States neutral, give the Germans a chunnel to invade Britain, have Stalin commit suicide , whatever. Even then, Germany would find itself in control of more territory than it can actually hold, with a severely mismanaged economy. Hitler dies, and the whole thing falls apart.

That’s highly illogical. The US, under FDR, would never have gone over to Nazi Germany’s side, or Japan for that matter. America was more allied with the British, and FDR would have rather helped them instead of the Axis.

Secondly, if America did join the Axis side, you would have supposed the Allies were stuffed. Britain was having problems, and so was Russia. But then again, they should have both been gone by then. If Hitler hadn’t gone all crazy with his Blitzing campaign, and instead pounded the RAF which was almost dead, then the RAF would have unable to stop Operation SeaLion, and the Nazis could have successfully overran Britain.

With Russia, the Germans could once see Moscow. They could ahve easily done a crippling pyschological strike on the Russians and taken the capital. Instead, Hitler ordered them to go south to some oil-fields.

So, even if America joined the Axis side, Hitler’d probably do some stupid thing like betray America, and lose the war in Europe anyway.

Taking the question as highly theoretical…….. then the German’s would have had massive investment both financially and militarily. The USA’s air carriers could have been deployed to the Atlantic instead, from there launching devasting aerial attacks on Britain and knocking out the RAF.

As prior to the USA joining the war, both Britain and Russia were on the ropes you would have thought that the German could then have used their new found financial superiority to successfully undertake both operations SeaLion and Barbarossa.

And obviously would have resulted in a very different world to that which we live in today. If we think todays world with CCTV and government interference is bad……. imagine what it could have been like.

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