A friend of mine just named her kid “Jeep Brook” is it just me, or is that a dumb name?

That is the first and second name… I didn’t say the last name for obvious reasons… but she really named him that! I thought it was a joke at first, but it’s real.

if it was a trail i was planning to take my 4X4 on, i might think it sounded pretty cool, or challenging… but for a kid…??.. ummm..

Wow poor boy he is going to catch hell in elementary school. She probably got her name where George Constanza from Seinfield pick his, Seven. If you are her friend when she comes around you should call him just Brook to kind of getting a fad going on, like his nickname. For his sake when he gets older.

Even Brook sounds like a girl. It makes you think of Brooke Shields.
Poor Boy.. I Guess Mom doesn’t always Know best

well you can call him jb for short i guess.. it is a ok name i would never name my kid that but hey look at some of the names that are out today.. jeep brook is normal compared to some..

Some people name their kids after the place they concieved it. Maybe in a Jeep .

was the kid conceived in a jeep or something… perhaps parked by a brook?

and my answer is yes.

it’s a dumb name.

this name is BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had a son born yesterday and we named hime “Tyler David” (is that OK?

poor kid !

yeah its stupid….

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