Are these Amazing Poll Results on Gay Marriage?

I sortof find myself evolving actually – I was just in favor of civil unions now lean toward marriage.

By JAMES HOHMANN | 12/9/12 10:21 AM EST

A plurality of Americans supports gay marriage.

A new POLITICO/George Washington University Battleground Poll found 40 percent of those surveyed said that…

I think that’s awesome. I fully support gay marriage, and I strongly suspect my hypothetical grandchildren will be as baffled by laws banning gay marriage as I am by laws banning interracial marriage.

I am straight, however i have several gay and lesbian friends. I’m for homosexual marriage, and straight marriage and no marriage in any respect. No one has the correct to inform any individual else that they can’t marry the person they love. If gays and lesbians can not marry because they’re the identical sex, we shouldn’t permit 2 blondes to marry one one other, or 2 brunettes, or 2 redheads, and many others. My different opinion on this is that if they do outlaw gay marriage, gay men should marry lesbians to quell the anti-gay hatred and still have equal intercourse relationships.

Gay marriage is a sin, just like atheist marriage and Jew marriage. The more marriages we ban the more better it becomes (aka the Neener-neener effect).

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