Do you like Bush Sr. Better than Bush Jr.?

I think that George Bush Sr. was alot better at making the right calls when it came to Iraq and so on. Don’t get me wrong! I am glad Saddam is dead!!! But he is dead at the expense of alot of American casualties. I don’t really disagree with the war in Iraq. I just think the planning should have been…

Sure, but I also like athlete’s foot more than brain cancer.

In a perfect world, I would take neither.

Bush senior sent us to Iraq for the right reason. They were invading Kuwait and that had to stop.
“W” on the other hand had no reason to send us over there. I don’t know if you are a republican or a democrat, but I can tell you as an american soldier who has been to Iraq, that we are over there for no good reason. Sure we are making strides for the people of Iraq, but W just wants to keep sending more and more troops over. I believe that W knew that Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction and I believe that we were sent over for a differant motive. I won’t go into the motive, but we should have left Iraq alone and consentrated on someone more dangerous to the U.S. ie; Bin laden, and/or Iran who is saying hey, we are making strides on weapons of mass destruction, and when we are up and running, we are going to bomb you.
Come on, that is an out and out threat to our country. We should have never gone to Iraq a second time. I believe that Bush senior would have given it more time and thought before taking any action. So, I would have to Say I like Bush Sr more, if I liked the Bush family at all.

That’s like asking who is better, Hitler or Mussolini? They are both evil entities that have destroyed America’s reputation both here and abroad. They are megolomaniacs (dumbya more so than his sperm donor father). Mr. “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” is best friends with the Bin Laden family hence, that is why Osama has never been captured nor does the chimpanator care to find him, by his own words. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And let’s not forget Babs “Bumbling Idiot” Bush who thought the poor people of Hurricane Katrina had it so good living in a sports stadium in Texas.
They are all the worst scum that this earth has ever dredged up.

Politics aside, Bush Sr. had more reasonable, trustworthy people around him when it came to foreign policy…
Jr. surrounded himself with scum willing to blow the national treasure on a social experiment.
Hezbollah is a Shi’ite organization, no friend of the secular Sunni Arabs that were running Iraq, and Al Qaeda had ties to Kurdish Islamic militants in the North of Iraq, and we all know how Saddam felt about the Kurds.

Absolutely. Bush Sr.’s handling of the Gulf War was excellent. A plan was laid out, and executed flawlessly. We exited and kept Saddam at bay with economic sanctions. Plus, the way he vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister was excellent!!!

George Jr. because senior not in any respect pronounced by with “THE PLAN” – Reagan had a plan to get us of a out of debt and swap a income with assistance from 1997. It change into operating, George senior dismantled the plan because he needed to do it his way. there is alot extra to it than that yet i favor to get some sleep right this moment.

Nobody can be worse than George Bush jr. Excuse me for my English but I am Italian.

I like PRESIDENT George W. Bush better than his father. His father was a puss. He bowed to pressure from p*ssy libs and didn’t finish the job in Iraq.

That is like asking Do you want a deadly snake to bite you are a deadly is just as bad as the other. The olny difference is…the snake will warn you a spider sneaks up on you.

Like Father like son !!

Both Bushes have withdrawn troops before the job has been completed leaving UK/NATO troops to clean up thier mess after them !!

Bush Snr, pulled troops out before Sadam had been caught, even though they were so close to a result.

Bush Jnr (ie GW) withdrew 77% of US troops from the real source of terrorism at this time in AFGHANISTAN once he knew he had the backup plan of help from UK/NATO troops… to clear up the Mess of his instigation. (it was a US-led coalition force !)

As I said, like Daddy, like son.

Each as bad as the other !.. and typical of a lot of kids, they never learn lessons from mistakes of thier elders !!!.. or from thier Nations’ past history.

I dont remember much about Bush sr. but people tell me he wasn’t as bad as Bush jr. and I guess thats true. Both Bushes are bad tho.

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