Hows does charlemagne’s empire in medieval Europe compared with the Roman Empire?

Hows does charlemagne’s empire in medieval Europe compared with the Roman Empire

It will be unequal relationship.
One side, you have world’s first superpower that stretched from Britain to Mesopotamia and Morocco to Crimea having 1/3 of world’s population under control in very cosmopolitan civilization, and other hand you have regional power bounded under leadership of descendants of the Germanic tribes.
Frankish empire was literally build just due strong personality of the Charles the Great and could survive, because he ruled unusually long (768-814), which gave it enough time to build strong government and institutions that became a model for following medieval Europe. But Frankish empire had collapsed not long after the Charlemagne’s death. The Roman Empire was not revolving around personality of one individual, which is one of the reason for such long, and lasting presence. It was build upon institutions dedicated to the free citizens of Rome. Lacking influential builders prevent the empire collapse after numerous crisis for very long time, until the final decades of its existence.
Rome was also multinational, multicultural, and religious diverse society. It flourished various religions, cultures, languages, rites, and customs as long as they obeyed the Roman rule. The Frankish empire was much regressive, where only Catholic christianity was allowed, where Irish, Arian, Greek, and Slavonic christian rites were suppressed. Culturally, Frankish empire paled behind the cultural, philosophical, and artistic achievement of the Antiquity. It controlled area that was in majority run by Germanic nations that were on very low level of development in comparison with the Byzantine empire and this had a profound effect how the state functioned. Illiteracy was a problem for the state to have a successful bureaucracy, so it forced Charles the Great to fund education at least centered around monastery. Roman Empire did not have such problem, and its bureaucracy was not matched until much later by medieval China.
Since Frankish empire was fraction of the Roman, it also had effect on the economical development of the state and the western civilization. Since the core of the state was in present day France, Frankish government turned the once backyard of the Roman Empire into successful medieval state that provided a copy for the rest of Europe. The feudal economy achieved agricultural output that was able to feed population that was twice that of the Roman’s Gaul (from 4.5 to 8 mil), but the urban life suffered. The Frankish empire did not have prominent urban centers like was Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Cordoba, or Alexandria, which gave this state more provincial feel and outlook.

study up on Constantine, Roman Emperor of the third century advert. He introduced in Christianity to the Roman Empire. in the 5th century the Roman Empire fell, yet became into survived by ability of the Byzantine Empire till the 14 th century. in the eighth century advert Charlamagne I topped emperor of the newly shaped Holy Roman Empire. eleventh century the crusades wish that helps

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