Is there anything wrong with gay Republicans?

I’m a gay Republican. I’m also a Jewish Republican, which I’ve also been told is weird. But I don’t think there should be anything wrong with this. I am NOT a self-hating gay person. I am 100% in favor of equality, gay rights, and gay marriage — and I strongly disagree with every Republican…

Democrats are just as patriotic, that’s old Republican rhetoric. Also, if Republicans are all about smaller government and getting the government out of our lives, why do they try to defend federal laws like DOMA, protest getting rid of DADT, and why has almost every state that went red in 2010 introduced stricter abortion laws? That all seems pretty much like sticking the government deeper down our throats to me.

And while there have always been people who abuse the welfare system, there are also rich corporate idiots who abuse their systems. Abuse happens on both sides of the spectrum. As for your hard work comment … conservative pundits like to paint this picture than most people on welfare and unemployment and food stamps are on these programs because they’re lazy. There are no jobs. Conservatives also like to cry about the federal government trying to create jobs, saying it’s all about the private sector. Not only is this hypocritical in the sense that ALL politicians are government employees, the private sector has been killing jobs steadily every year since mid-way through George W. Bush’s presidency. George W. Bush is an example of a Republican who did not believe in smaller government; Bush actually GREW the size of the federal government, and lowered taxes on everyone while starting two wars (which meant he had no way to pay for those wars because he lowered the government’s revenue stream, which is why we can’t catch up because Republicans strong-armed Obama into extending those tax cuts to the end of 2012). I’m not sure if you are old enough to remember, but the last six years of the Clinton Presidency and the first couple of George W.’s presidency the economy was really good. That is because everyone – rich, middle class, and poor – paid more in taxes.

And as far as being a gay Republican … I can guarantee you there is not one presidential candidate vying for that Republican nomination that wouldn’t throw you under the bus as soon as he or she has your vote. The Republican Party panders to the Teabaggers now, and the Teabaggers do not want gays to have civil rights. I want you to research the name Bryan Fischer. He speaks at most all the rallies these Republican candidates speak at. Listen to some of the things he says. This is the kind of person Republicans now have to pander to. You said you strongly disagree with every Republican candidate that is against gay rights … there aren’t any prominent Republican candidates who openly support gay rights because they know where their bread is buttered. Rich, powerful conservatives like the Koch brothers (who basically fund the Tea Party) pay for all these campaigns.

And speaking of campaigns … do you really think Republicans are targeting unions because they want to end collective bargaining? No. Do you think every person who works for a Union is a Democrat; no, many many of them have always been Republican, and Repub politicians know this. They want to end Unions for one reason – just like most powerful corporations always back Repubs in elections, Unions almost always back Dems. Get rid of the Unions, Democrats lose their major funding source.
Evangelicals trying to shove Christianity down our throats is another problem; whether you like it or not the United States was not founded as a Christian nation; that would make us a theocracy, not a democracy. Christianity may be the dominant religion (for now), but we were not founded as such. Our founding fathers never once wrote in any published documents about the importance of instilling Christian faith in our government (and please don’t drag out the Pledge of Allegiance, everyone knows the phrase “Under God” was added in the 1950s as a result of the communist scare). Religion has absolutely no place in government, but that is what is happening in the Republican party …

Sorry for my rant, but you asked for opinions …

And to speak to your “the poor need to stop having babies out of wedlock” comment … This is the 21st century … people do not need to be married to be successful parents. That’s a proven fact. I will agree with you that poor people on welfare need to stop having babies, but the Republican party is anti-birth control, anti-sex education, and anti-abortion. Obviously abortion is an extreme step and should not be used as a form of simple birth control, it should only be used in extreme emergencies … but why are Republican politicians across the country trying to ban birth control pills? Seems to me if we start handing them out there’d be fewer poor people having babies.

Your political alignment does not have anything to do with your sexual orientation. You can be part of a party and not agree 100% with that political party. If you lean towards a party there is nothing wrong with that.

Just from my perspective as a democrat, we also believe in patriotism, supporting the troops, and hard work. Really the only thing you listed that’s an explicitly republican trait is “smaller government”. As far as the get rid of welfare, clearly you aren’t thinking of your grandparents and where their medical care comes from or unemployment benefits for people who were laid off due to poor economy. Think a little broader on welfare. Yes some people abuse the system. However is that a reason to take it away from the ones who need it?

No I don’t think you are crazy. Google log cabin republican. That is a gay republican group. They are quite active. It is a mistake to think that gays are all pinko liberals – when in fact we are in every section of the political spectrum. Actually, I think you are one of the biggest hopes to the lgbt movement. Who else is better to reason with anti – gay repuplicans than the log cabin types? FYI – the log cabin republicans have been active in the repeal of DADT – you can google it and read up on it. It will make you proud.

I hope you’re a troll and not really this fvcking stupid.

Nothing you’ve said has been in line with anything the Republicans have done in the last 40 years. Your failure to recognize does point to something wrong with you, in addition to joining a club which hates you and wants you made illegal.

To answer the question stated in the title.

Yes, there is absolutely something wrong with being a Republican.

It’s just that Republicans are often so conservative in their faith and politics and haven’t been very supportive of gay rights. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, you believe in what you believe.


no ur all right in fact..not so secretly..when i was 14 i used to think that i have no vagina so i cant marry a guy so i should be lesbian..and marry a girl..tht makes no sense but dont worry ur not crazy

Q: “Does this make sense? Or am I crazy?”
A: It makes sense but that doesn’t mean you’re not crazy… I don’t really know you.

I see no problem

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