What is causing my Comcast internet to slow down?

I have comcast connection through a Motorola Surfboard SB5120 modem and a Linksys wireless router. My internet has always been fast up until a few weeks ago. It seems as though every time it storms or rains excessively, my internet becomes really slow. All of the green lights on my modem stay solid and my…

There is a good article on slow internet speed on the following link. I think it may help you. Have a look on it.


Comcast? They’ve been to my house 5 times, and I’m not exaggerating, to get my wireless right. Call them. You’ll go through 3 or 4 people who think they can fix it over the phone, and then they’ll send out a tech who has to get directions from someone else on the phone, but after several attempts, they will get it right! 🙂

it is very odd that your internet is slow when a storm accurs, Try testing your connection speed before and during a storm with the link below. It might not be your connection, call comcast with your results and see what they say

I think what’s really happening is it’s raining, people are home on their computers. Your shared internet connection is slowing down since Cable is a shared type of service.

its because more people is on the intermet who have the same provider comcast can only send out so many Mbps in one area when a lot of people is on then the mbps are split up trust ask your nieghbors what time do they usually get

comcast sucks

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