Why do atheists complain about religious people shoving religion down their throats when they do the same?

I don’t care what anybody believes as long as they are not trying to force it on anybody else. After having asked a few religious questions I noticed more atheists answer with answers such as “why are you so brainwashed” or “stop being a superstitious moron” instead of actually answering a…

People are always passionate about what they believe and what Atheists often do not understand is that not believing in anything is also a set of beliefs.

I suspect the reason you feel and see this pressure from Atheists is that you don’t understand what it has taken for them to reach a point that they are Atheist. Many times people like this are far more well versed on the subject then most of the faithful which is ‘why’ they are Atheist.

On the other hand there are also idiots on both sides of the fence to just like to hear themselves talk.

I personally don’t object to anyone believing what they want, as long as they don’t disadvantage others.

I sometimes explain how I came from being a devout Catholic to realising that faith was based upon nothing but itself, that science explained nature satisfactorily without needing supernatural beings, and that religious beliefs were no different to those of ancient beliefs in gods and goddesses.

I try to answer based on my knowledge of scripture, theology, mythology and religion. And I sometimes try to trace religious beliefs, and Bible stories, back to the earlier myths from which they derive.

I think I do so in a neutral manner most of the time, although I might express an opinion concerning actions of a few religious people or organisations that adversely affect freedom of choice and civil and human rights, such as the infamous Proposition 8 in California.

The difference is, Sweetie, when christians shove their religion down other people’s throats they pass laws that force people who are not christians to live according to christian religious beliefs. Like banning gay marriage and attempting to outlaw abortion. What you’re complaining about is merely the exercise of free speech not the curtailment of your constitutional rights. If you don’t want to hear or see an opposing opinion then don’t post your opinion on an open forum. Simple as that.

How is it shoving atheism down someone’s throat by just disagreeing with them? Granted, as with a lot of internet interaction the tone could be a lot more civil, but I haven’t seen any atheists picketing soldier’s funerals or claiming that the U.S. is an atheist nation. I’m a live and let live atheist, but I will always call out liars and bullies.

Having people post things you don’t like on an online debate forum is not “shoving” anything down your throat.

Passing legislation to deny people equal rights, to deny people the ability to do as they choose with their own body, or to have religious creation myths taught in public schools… *that* is shoving religion down people’s throats.

Let’s see, how many times have I gone door to door to convert people to atheism? Never.
How many times have I tried to pass laws to teach atheism as a fact in public schools? Never.
How many times have I tried to pass laws taking away the civil rights of non-atheists, such as not allowing them to be married? Never.

Religious people do those things and more, every single day.

See the difference? Debate, discussion, criticism, even ridicule are not “shoving” or “forcing.” You can read them if you want, you can ignore them if you want. That other stuff — that’s shoving and forcing.


Because they love to over-dramatize and attack religion whenever they can. That cracks me up when they claim religion is being shoved down their throats. Guess they’ve never heard of Iran, where you can be executed for not being Muslim. I’d call that having it shoved down your throat.

EDIT: @Ideo Fugiet, there are Atheists and other non-religious people who do that too. So that argument doesn’t hold up.

Not all Atheists, the Atheists I know and myself dont force anything on anybody.

No matter what religion there will always be people trying to shove it down other peoples throats.

We don’t have a religion, so we can’t be forcing anything on you. Stop getting so negative about people just because they have a different opinion than you.

Hater gotta hate.

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