Barack Obama is closing the gap in Pennsylvania, why does Hillary Clinton still think she can get the lead?

Barack Obama is gaining new momentum with each passing day! Hillary Clinton continues to struggle with the issues and with support and funding. While she continues to attack Barack Obama and toys with the idea of getting his supporters to change their minds, he is on the campaign trail talking and discussing issues…

For the same reason that she thinks she was dodging sniper fire when she was really accepting flowers from a little girl.

For the last time – Hillary will drop out if, and only if, Obama gets enough delegates to win. We’re a long way from there, even if he wins Pennsylvania.

To the genius above me,

She is not winning the popular vote and the Obama didnt campaign in Fla or Mi so forget about them.

She cannot hope to win. I think this is about something that we havent quite figured out yet. I have a feeling that the Clintons will try to steal this somehow in the 11th hour. We already know they are calling the delegates and making vague promises to them if they will flip over to Hillary.
I dont know really what to make of it, but it saddens me to see the democratic party being held hostage by this ego-driven power-couple.

The Democratic nomination will be decided at the convention in August. No matter how much some people seem to think they have an entitlement to demand everyone else withdraw and just anoint thier candidate earlier, this is not going to be the case.
Healthy competition for the nomination does not divide the party.
If Obama is so clearly going to win, then what harm does following the set down process actually do?

I don’t see how Hillary can win. The new talk I heard today is that she wants to stalk the delegates, by trying to convince them to flip over to her side. This sounds like a Hillary move, but doubtful it will work since more and more delegates are endorsing Obama every day.

Clinton vs Obama is just a show to divide the people so McCain will win….unfortunately.

WRONG. Many political analysts have suggested that Hillary will possibly overtake Obama on the popular vote. LOOK IT UP. Why are some people on this website so ignorant?

And polls are NOT a reliable indicator of anything. Hillary spent part of her childhood in PA. She’s got the support of the PA governor as well as Jack Murtha. And PA is mainly a blue-collar state like OH. It’s a win for her.

She will be 120,000 votes behind if she gets Michigan and Florida. (CNN.COM)

She cannot get them as he was not even on the ballot in one of the states… he leads by about 740,000 currently.

It is done. She should call it a day before she goes too far.

Hillary has the tenaciousness of a crab louse. It happens when you are married to one long enough.

Simple. It’s called denial.

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