Does being gay/bisexual run in the? family?

My sister came out as gay when i was about 10, she was 18 or 19. when i was about 12, i began to have feelings for guys aswell as girls, and now i am a fully fledged, and proud bisexual. i have noticed that alot of my gay friends have gay brothers and/or sisters. do you think being gay is in the genes of that…

It’s doubtful that a specific “gay gene” exists, but that homosexuality is genetic through a _combination_ of factors.

However, in the news yesterday, it was reported that in families with many male brothers, there was an unusually high rate of homosexuality in the youngest brothers, whether raised together or seperately (with or without the parents or other brothers).

That doesn’t mean that being the youngest of eight brothers will make you gay, but it does mean it’s more likely that you are.

No, I do not think its in the blood. There are plenty of gays/lesbians out there who live in families with no homosexual history. Its just caused by the social breakdown of traditional inhibitions imposed by religious/moral authorities. You could say everyone is potentially bisexual, and that demonization of homosexuality and imprinting is what turns most people into heterosexuals. Since there are no such strictures in your family, you all wind up being bisexual (unless you have stronger preference or a hatred for one sex or the other)

Its a choice one makes when they begin to have this arrousal.. they choose whom to share it with. based on the training they recieved as a child. sometimes in a family the message isnt clear and is left open for the carnel mind to desifer. when that happens anything can and will be accepted. where there is no standard laid down . then a Man or womans mind will run rampid. Parents and role models play a big part in the formation of the mind and its values. possibly your condition came from watching your older sibling and in other cases the same .. curiosity killed the cat *wink* God reigns and will repay every man/woman according to there deeds.. Ask God what is the truth for you life not man.

No, but it is striking that a large percentage of gay men have an older brother.

The theory is that somehow giving birth to a boy does something to a woman’s hormones which somehow give the next male baby a bigger chance of being born gay.

I knew 2 gay brothers

No i dont think so. You either are or you’re not. Its in the genes that make you up i think and you cant really act something you’re not. I am gay and very proud of it!

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Well to my knowledge, I am the only bisexual. My cousin is a lesbian, but she is 1) adopted, 2) a lot older, and 3) I’ve only met her once in my life.

So I don’t know what that says to the nature/nurture debate.

No… I’m the only gay person in my family as far as i know and man do i have a large family. So god knows where i sprung from!

It is a matter of choice, exposure and personal preference. For that reason, it might seem to run in a family. People tend to imitate behaviors that are most familiar to them.

I dont think so…I always heard “There’s one in every family” I dont know of any other homosexuals or lesbians in my family. I THINK I may have had a cousin who was a lesbian but I’m not too sure.

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