Have You Ever Met a Suicidal Depressed Person Before?

What did you do or say?

I did. It was at the psych ward. I saw a woman come in and cry. I held her like a bear hug–this was at a county hospital. I told her to hold onto my hand and not let go. It was so touching. A psychiatrist came in and started asking her questions, and she was sobbing so bad. It’s just…

Well, I encountered someone in the midst of a suicide attempt; if I had been just a little late, they would not be alive today. As for what I did, it wasn’t so much, basically getting them fresh air(they were asphyxiating themself in a closed garage with their car running) and calling paramedics.

yes, you really have to be careful but kind. You don’t know the situation, the person may be a dramatist, and playing you. But if you are not sure, always affirm the person, all life is precious.

But don’t judge the professional they are in a long term relationship with this person and must keep it professional. They are there to access and be objective and help find the causes of the problem and address them. Never underestimate the power of listening!

Yes I have. My Hubby has a serious brain injury and suffers from deep depression. He get suicidal often. He can’t be left alone. I comfort him the best I can and get him professional help. It is hard on the whole family. I really don’t think our grown and married children really understand what we are both going through. It is hard but we will persevere.

yeah they laugh until the cold reality sets in that they killed themselves , then its not funny any more . lets think about it a minute , if a person gets the point that they actually don’t wanna live any more , that’s the total bottom , they can’t bare it anymore . the pain and anguish they must go through , it is not an easy thing to kill yourself , its the end of the rope . and people should be very sympathetic to that person.

Yes. Plenty. Including myself at one point. When I was an RA in college I dealt with a few suicidal students. I almost lost my job because of one.

I knew that she was depressed and getting some therapy, but it wasn’t working. I had a long talk with her one day about how depressed she had been. Her problems stemmed from being sexually abused as a child. One night she was very depressed and crying. Some of my friends called me and asked me to talk to her. It was obvious that she was suicidal and reaching out, but in that “refusal of help” state. I decided that I would talk to my boss about her the next day after class. Well, class went much longer than expected and I forgot about a meeting that I had for a service organization. I checked up on her for a little bit and she seemed fine. When I got back from my meeting a friend grabbed me and told me that this suicidal woman was missing. We did a quick search of the building and university. She had her room neatly arranged like as if she was going somewhere. I found her nearby talking to a friend. Truly she was saying goodbye. She had swallowed a bottle of pills but forgot to say goodbye to a friend. I talked with her and watched over her for a few minutes. She was grimacing in pain. Her parents called my personal phone and had her doctor call me (a friend called her parents about the issue). Her doctor told me to take her to the emergency room, or call the police if she refused.
Since she was attractive, the nurse stated “Why did you do this? Did your boyfriend dump you or something?”. I hope that nurse was fired.
I was later told that I may have saved the woman’s life. Last I heard from her she was married with a child.
But of course I was rewarded with a suspension because I didn’t contact my boss, because I talked to the parents, and because I went with the woman to the hospital. Luckily her parents said they would take my case to the press if they fired me. So they reinstated me.

Yes, A friend of mine was suicidal and depressed at times. I never gave up on her and am always there when she needs someone….so the suicidal and depression times have gotten fewer and fewer as time goes by. She is a Christian and learning to know the Lord better helps her too.
I’ve even come pounding on her door and dragging her off to have “fun” when I’ve needed to.

edit….Jack that is awesome. That is very heroic! Especially since the friend could have very easily gotten angry with you for saving him.

I was that person for years until my psychiatrists finally hit on the right combination of medications to control it. I have also met many others in my frequent hospital stays.

God bless you for caring.

Yes…An extremely intelligent friend of mine,was depressed to the point of considering suicide…I asked him if he would consider attending an Evangelistic outreach,hosted by a well-known Christian Evangelist,for personal prayer…My friend is now a Christian,married with children and has never experienced another bout of suicidal depression….Just sayin’…that’s what happened….

I have friends like that. one in particualr is on meds, he tried commiting sucide twice since I’ve known him which has only been for a few months. the meds have helped and somedays he’s fine, other times, not so much.
it’s battle that takes time and hard work….

Have been one….not so long ago. Have met others. I didn’t do or say anything different. Just treated them as I would any other person dealing with difficulties – friendly, caring and honest.

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