Haven’t had sex with husband since I was pregnant. Our son is now 1 year old…?

My husband and I haven’t been intimate since I was pregnant. Now our son is 1 year old, and still no sex. Is this normal? Is it a serious problem? I think it’s pretty serious. I just don’t feel a connection to him anymore. No desire. Same with him I guess. He doesn’t act desirous.

Anyone else…

I think it’s more common than people are willing to admit. But, if you plan on keeping your marriage, you need to get it back in your lives. You guys need to start going out on dates weekly, to start being a couple, and not just parents. Plus, start making the time weekly, to have romance and be intimate. Do what it takes; a glass of wine, bottle, whatever! After having a baby, you’re just tired and the sex drive diminishes. It takes work to get it back, but you can do it if you make it a priority.

Sounds like you two have been focused on the new baby and other things lately. You both need to change that, and soon. Have a talk and ask him how he’s been feeling. Try to set some time aside for just the two of you. Do you feel more in the mood earlier in the day? Like in the AM? or before/after dinner. Don’t wait until “bedtime” if you both are normally too tired by then.

That is full on, though it is not uncommon! But it is definately serious. You have an obligation to make it work for your kid though, so it is probably best that you work at it.

Considering you wrote for advice, you might as be the one to break the drought. I would suggest that that you go in there and give him a bj tonight! It will awaken the desire!

Maybe he wants to raise th baby a little. He is now thinking about the future. Think about it. Raising one little child is enough, but if you are pregnana with another one, that will tear you away from the current baby. Then when you give birth, you will have two screaming babies that will always need desperate attention. here is always time for sensuality, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Good Luck.

Get a babysitter! Sounds like you need some serious one on one time with you honey to rekindle that spark.

yes, Since me and my wife had a child our intimacy our went south. i go months without nothing and she acts like there is no problem. I have threatened to leave but it doesn’t phase her any and I don’t know what to do.

WOW, thats amazing and I would have a difficult time making it a few days.

Talk to HIM and find out his answer.

Talk to him.. maybe try counseling.
This is NOT normal. After both of my kids, we couldn’t keep our hands of each other. Seek help!

Still hasn’t paid the bill.

if i were you, i would talk to him, see what he wants, see what he is thinking/feeling, you never know what answer you may get.

for sure, talk to him, thats the only way you can be sure

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