How can I potty train my 2 year old shih tzu?

6 Weeks ago I adopted a 2 year old shih tzu and am having problems potty training her. She never poo’s in the house, only pee’s about once a day. There doesn’t seem to be any ryme or reason to why/when she goes except she never goes when we are gone, only when we are home and more often in the evening….

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I don’t think your dog has a potty training problem if she’s not “going” while you’re gone. Generally dogs with potty training issues will “hide” the behavior, for example by waiting until you’re gone or leaving to an unoccupied room. She either has a health problem or a confidence problem.

If the dog is peeing ON you some of the time, that is a sign that maybe she can’t control her bladder very well. Have you taken her to the vet? She could have a bladder infection. That is the first thing I’d check. They often have to pee unpredictably when they have a bladder infection. The vet will need a urine sample but if she does have an infection, the peeing should clear right up when she gets on antibiotics.

If not, she could be a submissive pisser. I have known dogs that would pee if you acted in a dominant way toward them (leaning over them in a way that looks threatening, reaching your hand over top of them, etc.). Does she kind of crouch her head down or “look guilty” while she does it, or does she pee normally? If she is crouching like she’s scared, it’s probably overly submissive behavior. She might have been abused in the past to make her act like that. You should ask a trainer about how to build her confidence.

Sounds like your shih was not properly trained before you got her, was she a shelter dog?
Until she is fully trained do not let her out of your sight. AT LEAST every hour try bringing her outside (yes she needs to do her business outside if she doesn’t already do this, preferably in a fenced backyard), while doing this tell her “Let’s go outside” or something like that, so she learns the word for outside.
Let her sniff around and if she goes, tell her “Good potty!” AS she is going. Bring her inside and praise her hugely with pets or a small treat, keep saying “Good potty.”
If you catch her having an accident inside, quickly scold with “Bad potty!” and bring her back outside. If she finishes her business outside praise her as usual.
If you find an accident after she does it, you cannot scold her, she won’t remember it anymore.
At night she needs to sleep in a crate next to your bed, make it comfortable. The reason behind this is dogs will not potty where they sleep.

Hope this helps.

I use Ugodog for potty training. It’s bigger and much easier to empty than wizdog….. Oh Yeah!!.Make sure you put baking power on the potty. It works excellent for dog smells.

I have two boys and still have some problems. They do not like to be spanked that only makes them angry it does not teach them anything. This is a very tricky breed. I wish I had a really good answer.

We put baby gates up so that she had to stay in the same room as us. She wouldn’t go in our presence. We would take her out often. When she went we rewarded her. She had to earn her freedom in the rest of the house. She still has accidents on rainy cold days. Good luck!!

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