How can someone with a fast metabolism gain weight?

I really want to gain weight (as in fat) but my metabolism is quite fast. What can I eat and how much can I eat to gain a good amount of weight fast?

eat a gallon of ice cream a day…i guarantee you will gain weight

How can someone with a fast metabolism gain weight?
I really want to gain weight (as in fat) but my metabolism is quite fast. What can I eat and how much can I eat to gain a good amount of weight fast?

Okay I have your problem, and here is some serious answers that I have researched/been told. First of all, still eat healthy, dont stuff yourself silly, and do excercise. Remember, even if your underweight eating tons of sugar and fat can still mess your heart up!

Eat higher calorie fruits and veggies (bananas, carrots, apples basically any fruit and veggie that is not watery) dried fruits and juices are very calorie packed! Banana’s also slow the motabolism down momentarily, so try and eat at least one every day.

protein! Eat lean meat, eat peanutbutter, ask your doctor about taking some protein powder, my doc prescribed me some to take, and it actually doesn’t taste to bad.

Eat healthy high calorie foods like nuts, legumes, wheat crackers.

Never be plain. Top your toast with maregines made with healthy fats, peanut butter, jelly. add cheese to your scrambled eggs. This will add calories without filling you up. Cook with healthy olive oil and sprinkle it on your saled, add eggs, crackers and other filling stuff to your salads. fill omelets with cheese and veggies. Order creamy soups.

Swich to whole grains, there healthier and more calorie dense. Eat complex carbohydrates, not loads of sugar.

Eat 3 meals and at least 3 snacks.

here are some healthy high calorie snack ideas.

1. plain full fat yogurt and frozen berries blended together and some peanuts mixed, makes a great dip.

2. Cheesy garlic bread made with whole wheat bread.

3.peanut butter on toast with bananas washed down with full fat milk.

4.whole wheat blueberry muffins, or pancakes

5. Pasta!

6. homemade pizza.

7. After lunch, drink some sort of drink like slim fast WITH your lunch

8. Before you go to bed, always eat a snack, this way your body wont get the chance to use the food for energy and will instead store it as fat. Try a glass of whole fat milk and some warm bread (this will also help you sleep better)

Now, If you wanna gain weight but still be healthy do weight training and resistance excercises. Do crunches, and buy hand and ankle weights, and use them. And jump rope too, or swim,

In fact swimming is great! the water is cold so your body will naturally make fat (in good healthy and attractive place)

Good luck! Aiming to gain about 2 pounds a week is safest to prevent stressing your body and to let it get used to the weight gain! Doing all this I have gained about 10 pounds in a little over a month!

Feel free to email me! I would love to talk with someone who is going through the same difficulties as I!

Well, i want to gain weight to im having the same problem i just cant gain it that fast(i think i have a fast metabolism too), so i tryed a few things and one thing is, to drink alot of pop, then eat alot of food after the pop, and dont drink water, subsitute water for pop, or milk and then eat food before you go to bed, like a few peanut butter sandwhiches! =]
that should work =]
IM me if you want =]

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Eat something before you go to bed every night and then go to sleep right after. It’s not bad for you but it will make you gain weight.

Eat Big! Make sure you eat at least 20% over the recommended daily alowance. Do not go more than 2.5 hours without eating. Eat a big meal before you go to bed.

People who plan their weekly meals tend to be more successful at losing weight than individuals who don’t. Plan your dishes to feature healthy carbs such as fairly sweet potato and wholegrain pasta, vegetables and lean proteins, buy every one of the ingredients in advance and don’t be tempted you can eat out or order in.

Suck that in. Consciously hold in and contract your abdominals while you’re walking, sitting for your desk or making the dinner. This will help to strengthen your abs and your core, and bring you one step closer to any flatter stomach.

seriously let me know when u find out cos my metabolism is mental. But that must mean ur pretty fit so dont feel too bad about it

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