How do I make my laptop run smoother when gaming?

So I recently got a new laptop and I downloaded some games off of steam and gamestop app. The games run and play but they don’t play in the graphics I want them to. Such as Arma 2, Slender man, and this one zombie game survivor stories i think.. Anyways the specs are directly off of my properties…

There are a few things to try… but probably will only gain you minor improvements:
1) remove all of the crap software that came with your laptop. Anything that was a free trial, any toolbars, any gateway-specific utilities, etc. should all be uninstalled and/or removed. Doing a clean OS re-install would be nice if possible, but I am assuming it is not an option.
2) Make sure your good software is all up to date. Make sure you have the latest drivers for your hardware from the component manufacturer instead of what is listed on gateway’s website (especially for graphics). Make sure Windows is up to date, and that you are running a quality lightweight antivirus like Malwarebytes or MSE/Defender.
3) Clean up your registry. I like using the registry cleaner in CCleaner and have found that it can bring some nice little performance boosts to computers that have had a lot of software installed and removed over time.
4) Turn off programs that you don’t need to load upon startup. Right click on the task bar, Start Task Manager, go to the startup tab, and uncheck anythign that is not OS, antivirus, or hardware related.

Still, even with all of that, your laptop is not made for gaming. Looking at review sites few games are considered playable on low settings, and most games on medium settings are going to run at well under 30fps which gets pretty choppy. Your laptop should be fine for simple flash games, and multimedia… but if you want gaming power in a laptop you simply have to pay through the nose for it.

I had a similar spec’d laptop, although didn’t have as much RAM (only 4GB). It sounds like the graphics card may be the bottleneck here (as was my laptop). There isn’t much you can do apart from lowing the graphical settings (Anti Aliasing and shaders being the most effective at killing framerates). There may also be a setting in your BIOS that shares some of your RAM with the graphics chip. That would at least help with high resolution textures.

Well he best thing would maybe be dropping the graphics down, I know, they may look great, but would you rather have Ultra settings with 5 frames per second, or medium to low settings with 40 to 50 frames per second. Another thing could probably be, closing other programs doing ctrl + alt +delete and end some processes or things like Skype that are always on. As much as that goes, you could also put your laptop on, “High Performance Mode.” And lastly, always keep your laptop plugged in so your CPU is used to it’s full potential. I’ve seen dozens of laptops that don’t run as well when they’re not plugged in because they usually keep the CPU on low performance so it’s battery last longer. I hope this helps!

Well the problem could be the Graphics Card in the laptop. If there isn’t a dedicated Graphics Card, then most games will run terribly. And whether or not that is the case, I recommend turning down the graphics settings in the games themselves and see if that helps.
Hope this helps!

you need a graphic card too
get one if you can from a nearby elecrtonics store or order it online
if you cannot get a graphics card
then lower your game settings
set screen rez to 1024×768 or 800×600
reduce texture quality
turn off shadows
and play it
it will run smooth

you need a graphics card to run game smooth

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