How many of you have read the book “Mein Kampf” written by Adolf Hitler ? Is the book available in English ?

Do you all think that this book is a good one worth reading, especially for those who are interested in knowing abt the life & times of the ruthless Nazi dictator Hitler ??

I have a copy at home in English, it’s available in many bookstores in the biography/autobiography section.

I found it fascinating. I’ve read more books about Nazi Germany, WWII and the Holocaust than I can possibly list.

If you are interested in learning more about Hitler, I’d also recommend the book “Explaining Hitler” by Ron Rosenbaum.

If you are a History major and interested in WWII or Nazi Germany it is a must read. Mein Kampf is the most relevant primary source when studying Hitler and is a central part of Scholarly discussion of WWII, Nazi Germany, Antisemitism, the Holocaust, etc., etc., etc. And I need to clarify others answers, Mein Kampf was written before the Third Reich came to power and was Dictated by Hitler when he was in prison after the botched attempted to over through the government in 1923. It outlines his racial ideologies and beliefs relating to foreign policy. Its use as a historical document is important because Hitler did not leave many primary sources for scholarly study- except speeches. So while yes it is filled with antisemitic rhetoric and distorted dogma that does not make it any less important

Yes, the book is available in English. I think you may find it interesting.

it is available in almost all popular languages in the world. and in many indian languages as well. i saw that once at my friend’s place titling ‘Mera Sangharsh’ which is literal meaning of Mein Kampf in Hindi

It’s widely available and widely read. I haven’t read it, but everyone I know who’s studied that period of history at high level has.

If you think reading it is going to be considered shocking and edgy…you’re wrong.

I haven’t read it, but many people say it’s absolutely horribly written, just ranting rambling nonsense. Not judging his ideas, just his ability to write intelligently or coherently.

Yes . it is available in English.

You can buy it at pretty much all major book stores.

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