Iv had bad memory and can’t tell the difference between dreams and real life?

Hi so iv been having really ba memory lately, I forgot how to spell my name, I forgot one of my PIN numbers and i am also having trouble telling the difference between dreams an reality. like iv been texting this guy and I remember him sayin something to me so I went through the texts to see it again and it wasnt…

Then it’s very important to conduct yourself properly at all times.

Your goals constantly rely on your real life. Even a nonsense dream will also be precipitated by using probably the most random occasion that might have occurred to you. Actual life lasts longer and for that reason has a larger impact on you. Additionally, in actual life, you consciously control your actions whereas in goals matters just appear to happen with you as an observer even though you are involved within the dream

stick to regual weed homie no synthetic **** its ******* horrible regular weed is harmless and diminishes cancer cells from your body and helps the brain release its natural DMT making you have better dreams and a more productive life.

I might have memory lose but at least I don’t have memory lose.

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