My Girlfriend said that when shes 18 and im 17 she wont be able to kiss me or anything?!?!?!?!?

Well today my GF said that her mom said when shes 18 and im 17 she wont be able to kiss me cause I’m not an adult and its perversion of minor or something like that is this true? Shes 6 months older than me

Actually if you are under the age of 18 and the other person is older then 18 you can’t have sex until you are both over 18, as far as I know kissing is fine and their is only months separating the two of you.

Okay Wow, if you guys are only 6 months apart then whats the problem. My boy friend will turn 18 this year and I will turn 17 and we are 9 months apart. Sit down with both of them and talk it out and tell her for an 18 year old she is really bing childish.

Wait 6 months then. (Contributing to the delinquency of a minor is the law). If you have sex with her and she is 18, then she can be arrested for statutory rape.

Legally yes, she could actually be charged for sexual assault of a minor that is if you were to press charges. We live in very sue happy nation and everyone has to be careful in everything you do, you could technically even be sued by a co worker for sexual harassment if you just compliment her on the way she looks today… THATS SICK… In your case I wouldn’t worry about it, its just that her mom is concerned.

That’s not true its only a six month everything you do now you can still do when she turns 18

Depending on where you live she wouldn’t be able to have sex with you, but kissing isn’t illegal anywhere. Either her mom is way too overprotective or she was teasing her.

LOL. She can kiss you! You probably should wait till you’re 18 to have sex though.

Of course this isn’t true! You can date whoever you want, as long as she’s not sexually harassing you and she has your permission, she can to what she wants.

Answer mine?

i don’t think kissing really breaks the law. i think it only counts if you guys go all the way.

Believe me that is COMPLETE bullshit. You guys are in a relationship.

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