I got mine when i was 13
and shes only 11 and she got it. shes so immature and stuff. like shes plays with our 7 year old sister and jumps on the trampeline and plays in the park. AND SHE GOT HER PERIOD.
ugh im SO uncomfortable. wat do i do!?? i just wanna run away from home. ew ew ew

what does it matter that she jumps on the trampoline and stuff? Its called, ENJOYING YOUR CHILDHOOD cus when you get to your age, you get cranky, like you are and your being really drastic, i mean running away from home because your sister got her period? Whos immature now? Just deal with it, because its not like you can stop her from having it! Talk to her about it! You should be happy that you now have someone to talk to about this stuff.

there is not any reason to betray your sister’s have faith. She’s informed you she will have the flexibility to tell your mom in due time. it is your sister’s decision, no longer yours. She is in no clinical danger and there is not any danger to the family members by using withholding this strategies for each week. Telling your mom secrets and techniques that your sister needs to be saved from her could in basic terms be carried out whilst there’s a danger to someones protection and this does not meet that qualifier.

If your mom doesn’t already know, you should tell her so she can make an appointment to take your sister to the gynecologist (it’s just good practice for female health once periods start to make sure everything is alright). Your duty as her big sister is to be there for her, answer her questions and give comfort through your experience as she starts into puberty since you started into it not so long ago.

Run away from home? That isn’t really relevant, but..
Anyway, I got mine when I was that age. It’s normal, now, since milk has so much hormones in it now. Nothing to freak out about.
Just buy her pads (or tampons if she’s comfortable with it?) and go on with life.

You are a jerk of a sister, maybe your just jealous because you are NO FUN!!! and by the way tell ur om you need some psychiatric help

um thats normal people are getting it when they are younger now. the age is between 9-16 when before it was like11-17, i dont see why you feel uncomfortable…

Everyone gets it some get it young. its not that disgusting you get your own, kids are getting it earlier and earlier, same with sex ohhh. if you wanna run away cause of it your the immature one….

Well everyone gets it some earlier than others. Who cares? she was bound to get it anyways so toughen up!

get pregnant before she does

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