What have you done lately to improve yourself, your life?

Or to just make your life more fun?

I haven’t done anything… yet.

But I do intend on making a decision about my marriage (stay or go), what I plan on doing this summer (it really depends on the state of my marriage but I want to go to Spain or Europe or just SOMEWHERE other than here), start writing again, learn how to play my classical guitar, learn how to dance, stop being so angry all the time about the past, and many other things.

I just want to do the things I’ve always dreamed of…

I did an on line course with T E F L to train as a teacher I passed on September 11th 2006.I joined yahoo anwsers.ljc

Went on a cruise for the first time in my life I’m 46 yrs with my mother who is 67 yrs and we had a great time together a special memory for us both.

Also I was given this computer and here I am

I the last 18 months I have quit smoking cut back on my beer consumption lost 55 pounds and had a baby,Good Year

Sorry. i began out to confirm the “e book” you have written above and desperate to look ahead to the action picture version. And do us all a choose. shop your very own non secular ideals to your self. i’m not paying for what you’re merchandising. If i decide to learn approximately your religions, i will call you. till then, bye-bye.

My new year resolution is to have a relationship that lasts more than 3 months, be more assertive, and talk to more strangers

make it fun by going to concerts and other events

Divorcing my cheating husband

Forget about my ex bf.

red streaks

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