Why is there surprise & shock when American or British soldiers are killed in war?

I need help here .. soldiers have always gone to war to protect their civilian countries. The cost of war is people dying. Usually civilians, who have had absolutely no choice. (as in the thousands dying in present wars in which the West is involved).

Why is it such a shock to the press & to individuals when…

The expressions of shock by the media are because their loquacious crocodile tears make a juicy failure story. Failure stories and mistake exposures help sell more newspapers than success stories do. The boo-hoos expressed in such places as the House of Commons are contrived to try to ensure their Party will not lose so many votes at the next election from the aggrieved and others affected. Politicians believe those watching on the Parliamentary Channel can hopefully be conned into believing they really do give a damn about the lives of “our magnificent chaps serving their country far from their home and loved ones”.

Because it tends to be the British soldiers shot by American’s as opposed to the Iraqi’s in so-called friendly fire.

Even if you have agreed to go to war, it’s still horrible that someone has died no matter the circumstances. You may not be particuarly affected, but if you love that person you would be- even though you know the risks, it’s still awful.

Many jobs entail a risk: police, fire services, and many life situations can too. Just say, because you knew you had heart disease and were having a life saving operation where you might die- would not make it any easier or less tragic for those if you did in fact die.

Have some empathy and try to less exsistensial.

Where do you get the phrase War from?, we are not at war with either Iraq or Afghanistan and are there in a peacekeeping/ democratic restoration role and that is why we get upset. I don’t believe in the Iraq situation at all and believe we were conned into going there but nonetheless, I feel our troops are doing a job which is outside the normal remit. Your attitude is selfish and irresponsible.

In war people die…

I think like you, i get fed up of the Jaw gnashing and bleeding heart liberals who express crocodile tears at the death of service men while doing their jobs.

The problem is the media and Mps who don’t agree with the war and it aims…. The war is unpopular and is seen as being has unjust by certain media outlets who use the deaths of soldiers has a whipping post to get at the politicians who started the war.

No idea! I have always wondered that myself- It is sad that people die in wars, whether they be soldiers or civilians, but you’re right, a soldier takes up arms to kill, and therefore must expect that those he is trying kill will also be trying to kill him. I have empathy for the families of such people but really, it has be understood that you may not come home if you go around fighting wars.

you my dear should be grateful that there are men and women willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their countries, unlike you gutless cowards who then scorn them when they have died protecting your way of life from tyranny and terror.
you all too easily forget, yes these people know what they signed up for but they also expect a little gratitude for it thats all. people are outraged that a life has needlessly been ended but at the same time they are paying their respects to them for doing so, unless their do gooding war protesters, dirty hippies with no concept of honour or commitment.

Its the families’ emotions for the sadness they feel about their loved ones dying. Sure they know with soldiers it can happen, but when it does it brings reality to home. War is sad for everybody concerned, nobody wins.

So people can blame the US for their deaths haha

And also because people nowadays are wimps they have grown up in such a safe and civil environment that most people have never even fired an actual gun or have seen soldiers in gear up close. The closest they have been to a battlefield is in the movies or watching the news. So its a matter of mentality, people back in the day most of whom have served or know someone who had served in a war. But now people are just well afraid.

I agree with you. These people go to war to fight for their country and, if necessary, die for it. I can understand the shock when innocent civilians are killed, but soldiers, well, it’s part of the job, really. And they knew the dangers that are part of the job when they signed up.

And could Ra Horus learn some grammar please? “why do England”? seriously.

It should be no “surprise” when a soldier is killed. I hope it will always be a “shock,” or we’ll have lost something valuable. I am very much against this war, I should add.

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