Adding an extra hard drive?

Is it possible to expand my existing hard drive by adding another external or internal hard drive,
while still using my usual operating system.

Adding a new hard drive to a system that is already setup is incredibly easy. It just takes a few simple tools and basic understanding of your computer. No need to reinstall Windows or anything like that.

Simple instructions:

Step 1)
Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord.

Step 2)
Remove the computer cover.

Step 3)
Touch a metal part of the computer to ground yourself, or use a grounding strap. A kitchen table is a great place to work on a computer because of the flat space and the lack of static.

Step 4)
Locate the ribbon cable connected to the existing hard drive.

Step 5)
Change the master/slave designation of the second hard drive.

Step 6)
Connect the second hard drive to the second connector on the cable (colored strip should be closest to the power cable). If the cable does not have a second connector, replace it with one that does, or use a second ribbon cable to attach the second hard drive to the motherboard (if a second drive port is available).

Step 7)
Connect an available power cable to the hard drive.

Step 8)
Insert the hard drive into an available drive bay and secure with screws.

Step 9)
Replace the computer cover.

In-depth instructions:

I’ve attached links to two tutorials, the first of which has photos to assist you along the way.

Yes there are some excellent stand alone hard drives on the market, some with huge capacities. These have the advantage over internal drives inasmuch as they are portable and may be used with different machines. An additional internal hard drive on the other hand, while costing roughly the same as a stand alone, must be installed in a vacant slot in the pc, wired correctly and designated as a slave of the C drive. There may be a spare power supply connection but you will most likely have to buy a different ribbon to connect both the new drive and the existing to the MoBo.

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by expand you mean add more memory to the same hard drive that you are currently using no. but if you mean expand by just adding another hard drive yes. it should show like this

Local C external may come up as local D E OR F or more .

hi mickey
no problem,you can add either a external or internal hard drive however the most popular and easiest choice would be the external hard drive option
you can buy a external hard drive complete or build one yourself using a spare hard drive(sata or ide) and then purchasing a external drive caddy,then its just a case of fitting the hard drive into the caddy and the connecting the drive to a spare usb port,also 3.5″ external hard drives require a additional power source however the adapter comes with the drive caddy kit
there are also laptop 2.5″ external hard drive caddys and these run from the power generated from the usb port,these are ideal as plug,n,play devices which can be quickly removed and used on another p.c(or laptop)
if you wish to fit another hard drive in your p.c(internal) then this is quite easy aswell,for older ide drives you should set the drives jumpers to “slave” since this is the second hard drive in your p.c,here is a diagram of the jumper settings for ide(pata) hard drives ….…
however if your pc is quite modern then it will use the newer sata type hard drives,in this case you simply attach the drive using the sata data lead( pic :… 0 ) and the sata power cable ( pic :… )
sata drives dont use master/slave configurations instead they run on channels,and these can be configured in the bios if required.however your motherboard /computer manual has more detailed information regarding this
more information on setting up a sata drive can be found at
any problems let me know
good luck mate !

Yes, you just install it as a slave(internal) or an external drive. You format it and just use it for storage. The OS on the main drive will still work

Sure. You can add another hard disc either external or internal.
That will show as the next drive D or E etc.
I would suggest you to buy the largest capacity you can get now.

yes it is.

FOr laptop you would need an external hard drive, although recently I seen solid state drive that could also be placed on a express-card slot or the internal mini-pcie slot. (if your laptop has a free one)

for desktop, you can use an external hard drive, but you may also install one internally through sata port or solid state’s pci express x1 slot.

Yes – there are many external drives that plug into a usb socket

laptop or pc, you can add an internal slave hardrive to a pc or a usb external harddrive

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