Any Beatle fans out there?

It seems like nobody ever listens to The Beatles anymore. I’m literally the only person I know that loves them. I was talking to this little 4th grader on the bus, and I was talking about a song by The Beatles, and she had no idea what the song was. And to make it worse, she didn’t even know who The Beatles…

Yes The Beatles are my favorite musicians and I don’t care what anybody else thinks and I’m 15

People still listen to Beatles here in Ontario religiously. They’re the greatest band that ever lived.

that would annoy me. Kinda like whilst human beings grew to grow to be extensive followers of The Beatles after seeing around the universe…that is wasn’t even The Beatles making a music those songs. playstation . i’m jealous of her call too.

I still love The Beatles. A phenomenon of a band!

I’m a huge Beatle fan! I’ve got shirts, pins, posters, CDs, and they’re all over my iPod. Too bad it’s not possible to go back in time and see one of their concerts.

YES. Their music will live forever. See if you can like this:…

Heavy hitters night.

yep. you’re the only one that likes a band that has sold over a billion albums. yep.

but no. liking incredibly popular music like this does not make you unique

Count me in.

Go away.

Although your concern may be legitimate, this question is so trite and hackneyed that it has become a nuisance to us. YES, MANY PEOPLE ENJOY OLDER MUSIC. YES, EVEN YOUNGER PEOPLE. “WOW!”

I love them and im not that old….16

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