Are Republicans willing to sell out conservative views and support Giuliani to win the Presidency?

It’s funny you say that, because Rudy is the only “politician” that isn’t a sell out. He has a mind of his own and can’t be “bought” like other politicians.

So is it really selling out? Or is it evolving as a party?

If a liberal stops blaming everyone, and actually works to do something about issues, would being a democrat voting for that liberal be a sell out?

I’m an independant, but my strong sentiments lay within the Fiscal conservative camp.
Unfortunately, there are no fiscal conservatives running for office…though Ron Paul is close, since he is a constitutionalist…he is also a Liberaterian…which I am not at all kosher with!
The country needs a fiscal conservative, whether it is in the democrat of republican camp. Since 1999/2000, the dollar has been falling, inflation has been rising and the government spending has been out of control!!
We cannot afford another individual in the white house that wants to run the dollar into the ground, taking the economy with it…and yet it seems that is all the candidates want to do…and Giuliani definitely is not a stray from the norm…im actually quite pleased with his political demise.

Yes and no. In the primary I will vote for Fred Thompson because he is a true conservative. However, if Giuliani (or any other candidate) gets the nomination I will support him over any one of Democrats. Fred should be the number one choice for conservatives, though.

I think most conservatives are more concerned with fiscal issues, rather than social. Rudy is liberal on social issues, but he’s conservative on fiscal ones. McCain and Huckabee are just the opposite. I’d much rather support Guiliani than McCain or Huckabee. Seeing as fiscal issues are more important to me than social issues. I don’t see voting for Rudy as selling out.

My support lies with an all around conservative; Fred Thompson. He may be behind and he may be a long shot, but it’s still early.

If it comes down to Giuliani or Clinton, I would rather sell out some of my views than sell out the whole country.

If he is the nominee than it is my duty to America and the world to defeat whatever socialists, defeatist, coward is nominated by the democrats. However, I prefer Romney.

Reps will hold their nose and nominate McCain.
They really will not support him.

Not a prayer

Guiliani is not a contender, so it wont matter

No I won’t vote for him even if he gets the republican nomination.

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