Are straight Philippines Filipino males so affectionate touching other males or is he bakla?

I went to the phils for holidays recently, Our male driver was touching me and I felt kinda strange as I’m not use to it. I don’t think his gay as he has a wife and 2 kids and I notice him stare at alot of girls and say their sexy all the time. He also said that he has a girlfriend on the side (his wife…

It is funny.
But based on your story I find it otherwise.

As I recall you describe him as a womanizer.
It is very odd.
It does not fit well in your story.
But it does make sense that the opposite would be true.

Based on your facts, I concluded that he is thinking that you are gay.
Or he just sensed it somehow.
And in addition to that, he finds you attractive.
Based on his standards, you are too pretty that you could pass as a beautiful woman.

That explain everything why he is overly protective of you.
And he treats you like a “precious stone” all the time.
In short, he is treating you like a woman.
He is just being a gentleman all the time…
Oh well, not all the time, as you mention in your story, he is “touching” you and taking some advances.
It is a “male ego opportunistic” thing.
It happens when a male sees a beautiful girl.
When the man (an oppurtunistic predator) analyze you and classify you as a “willing prey”.
He will then make the moves.
When the girl doesn’t reacts, he will go further.
He will take advances more until it becomes more sexual. And yes it should be with the girl consent.

I think he finds you beautiful (in a girlie way), so he makes advances.
Since you are not reacting he is taking it further to the next level.
He is wishing it to be more sexual and waiting for your approval.
Now, it depends on you if you agreed to that.

I hope that explain it.

You are always welcome to come back here in the Philippines again.
Have a nice day.

No, he is not gay, i see this a lot. He probably sincerely wishes he was young like you with those mestizo looks. He does not long after you but a lot of Filipinos look up to others with light skin, nice hair etc… just look at what gets promoted on PI television. i understand it is uncomfortable but you also understand the culture enough to know that telling him not to touch you would be considered hurtfull and rude. My sons are half filipino and i am Dutch…very blond and blue eyes so you can imagine they have a mestizo look too and men will constantly comment on how “guapo” they are… you did the right thing in shying away from it without being rude, dont think too weird of it even though it made you uncomfortable. it is just as common as him having a wife and a misstress on the

Bakla Story

They just get touchy, it was weird for me at first when I was in the Philippines, but I realized that they were just messing around. I’ve seen youtube videos of other asian nations act the same way. They’re just being buddies playing gay jokes even though they’re straight. For example: my guy classmate in the classroom was just passing by other students desks to leave to classroom, as he was doing so another guy student made his hands in the shape of a gun and poked the other guy in the butt. Everyone laughed. It was intentionally done to be seen by everyone. I guess asians are weird like that. lol

This is not a question of just what other people “like” or not. A person have to take many things directly into consideration, before jumping from one finish of the spectrum to the other. It helps to understand your colouring pens. Are you neutral, warm or cool? The undertones in your skin will certainly compliment your hair

Oh sweetie, HE IS NOT GAY. That’s how our driver used to act with my brother who was like 10 when we had him. He’s very fond of my brother cos he was cute, maybe in a father-son kind of way.

Seriously he’s not gay, that’s just how Filo jolly men act. They are touchy feely, that’s probably why brotherhood is so strong in the Filipino culture. And they actually make out as a joke that they’re gay sometimes, its pretty funny.

No he’s not gay. It’s just the Filipino culture especially the rubbing of the knee part. If he’s a gay, he would have gone out of the closet years ago although i’m not generalizing. Most gays here in the Philippines ends up single when they got old.

I do not believe your story because a Filipino would not do that in front of others if he was going to do it and you said, “…when he took “us” to the airport. Yes, males touch males and females touch females in the Philippines it is a culture thing, but not as you described. Your adolescent mind ran away with you.

Good imagination you have , nice story.

30 yo man going oveboard to touch a 17 yo boy is not normal in any way…ok, touching on maybe 1-2 occasions, but not on the level you describe. The guy is either gay or has should not have allowed it to go that far.

Filipino, admiring the looks of a foreigner is ok…but again ,he went too far with it.

probably he wasn’t aware about the cultural boundaries…
old filipino men would do that to the young people, especially if these young people are very dear to them, or if they are like their young brother or son or grandson. btw, i will never this to my friend, or to someone of my age level. but this is actually an impressive gesture of affection already. not too many old men do this, see? if he did this to you, it simply means you mean so much to him, more like a son. he’s not gay. hahaha. it’s truly a cultural thing.

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