Are these zodiac signs/elements compatible?

I have three siblings. From oldest to youngest, we are Aries (sister), Scorpio (me), Libra (sister), and Virgo (brother). Are our signs and elements compatible or is this a crazy mix? Explain.

Just curious about the whole zodiac thing. Thanks in advance.

There is a lot more to astrological compatibility than simply comparing sun signs, which is what I’m assuming you listed.
Aries is generally very outgoing and energetic. Scorpio is usually kind of sneaky and rather emotional. Libra tends to be a bit more level headed and tends to be interested more in aesthetics and also fairness. Virgo brother may tend to be perfectionistic. I would guess Libra sister and Virgo brother might get along fairly well, if not now then perhaps when they get older. Since Aries is the oldest there might be less of a power struggle involved than if she came later, but it might depend on how close Aries and Scorpio are in age as Scorpio tends to be a little power hungry as well. There might be a fair amount of contention between Scorpio and Aries because of this. However, they could easily get along if they decide to rule the roost together so to speak and have very specified realms of control. Libra might get upset periodically with Aries and Scorpio if she feels they are acting unfairly, she is particularly sensitive to this sort of thing. I’m betting Virgo is more even keeled.

Anyway, this was kind of fun. Again, there is a lot more to astrological compatibility than simply sun signs but if you could tell me how I did when this is done. 😀

Good Luck. I hope this helps. 😀

AHHHH. Well yeah it is a weird combination because it’s Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

Luckily though you have the most compatible choices for this group! Except maybe a Leo rather than an Aries would fit better …

It can work out it just depends on how each person has related to their characteristics. An older Aries sister can be bossy, pushy and kind of dictatorial. OR she can be very protective, give strong moral influence and lead you in the right direction. Or she can be all of those put together. ;]

A Libra sister will be kind, thoughtful and a good conservationist and she’ll listen to your problems. Libra’s love their families and their family bond is very important to them. A Scorpio and a Virgo may have trouble getting a word in with a Libra and Aries sister, for they tend to talk a lot. Some Aries are reserved, but all Libras are chatter-boxes. On the darker side, a Libra sister can also be emotional and needy for everyone’s approval.

A Virgo brother is a good Earth sign as the youngest. He’s smart and he’ll catch on to the mistakes and accomplishments of his older siblings. I’ve never met a Virgo man that did a lot of hard drugs and sleep around with a bunch of whores either. They like to keep themselves “clean” so the worst you’ll have to worry about him is his steadfast attitude (after he reaches a certain age he won’t let himself be pushed around) and maybe he’ll smoke a little reefer.

He will be caring though and he will give good advice, once he’s grown a little. He’ll be the most distant from the group Virgo’s are pretty independent. So are Aries but she’ll be close with her sisters.

You will love your siblings and have a very deep depth of loyalty to them. Being a Scorpio, you will have some of the best ears to listen and the best advice to give, but some heated arguments are predictable here.

Aries with any sign is likely to spark tension because they’re fuse can be short and they’re sharp-tongued. Depending on how old the Virgo boy is, he MIGHT argue either the most or the least. The farther their age is, the less they’ll argue. The closer the age is, the more they will.

You may argue a lot with your Aries sister as well. Basically … a tight, loyal group but with moments of high tension.

yeah but some are opposites like your aries sister with your father that his a libra so does your mother with you but your mother (your mother who is taurus she is very caring but stubborn )adores your brother that he is virgo (your brother might has a lot of proud hates things that are not clean and very critical)


Lol one of each element.

Idk if your compatible but that is unique.

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