At what age should a boy stop sleeping with his mom?

Probably around 12-13

I would agree with Jamie, between the ages of 7 or 8. It’s always best when they can stop sleeping in your bed “naturally”. So, this means that they have a bed of their own where you can tuck them in every night. Your kid might still want to come to your room in the middle of the night. This is probably okay for a little while. Having your child sleep in your bed isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Here are some articles you can look up

“Parents and children sleeping together: Cosleeping prevalence and concerns.” – Rath & Okum
— found: “that cosleeping is associated with child and parent anxiety and issues of separation and sleep management, rather than with inappropriate sexual contact. Cosleeping was identified in more than 18% of cases, and prevalence decreased with age”

“Social experiences in infancy and early childhood co-sleeping.” – Hayes; Fukumizu et al.
— ” findings suggest that co-sleeping in early childhood is related to social experiences during infancy, particularly the amount of parent social contact and security object use”

there’ plenty of research on this stuff. In general, I wouldn’t be too worried

My gf still occasionally sleeps with her 7 soon to be 8 year old boy.The kid thinks hes an adult, and thinks he gets to make the decisions just like hes the “man of the house”. It has become a problem more so because of his attitude. He debates with his mom over everything. even when its as simple as what she wants him to wear when he goes outside to play. personally I have had enough. so I’m splitting. I tried discussing it with her. but that’s her baby!

I did until I was like 12, BUT it wasn’t just me. My parents had a HUGE custom made bed because my dad is so tall and ALL of us kids slept in the big bed with them,especially in December and January when it was like -25 degrees outside. Six bodies were a whole lot warmer than two!

When they’re toddlers it seems okay. But somewhere around three, they should not be sleeping with you at all. Somewhere around three, children start really seeing boys and girls. They’re aware of the differences and they shouldn’t be sleeping with a mom in her pajamas. That’s just wrong. I suppose Dad is not there from your question, so it’s even dicier. You want this boy to grow up without causing him an emotional problem.Read to him until he falls asleep, leave the lights on.. whatever it takes. Do everything you can to make him comfortable in his own bed. I had a neighbor who did this till six, then she ran around in short pj’s. She didn’t sit down properly so her butt and other areas were continually exposed… The kid is still at home and they’re both crazier than loons. They’re more like husband and wife… and it’s very very creepy.

around the age of 6 when their in middle school but deffiantley no later than 8 as that seems wrong to outsiders and they should be building their own personality and indipendance by then

A child should be sleeping independently regardless of their sex, by the age of 2 unless the parent is bent on ‘attachment parenting. IF that is the case, stop co sleeping before the child is four.

He should never sleep with the parents, but I’ve done this before. It’s a cycle that’s nearly impossible to break therefore it should never be initiated.

If your moms a hag 7…If shes hot 25

At what age……………….NEWBORN!
I raised 3 children and NEVER NEVER EVER slept with them nor allowed them to sleep with me.

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