Believers, do you think that quoting scripture to atheists is a tactic that will ever be successful?

Most atheists have read the bible, if not several times. Many of you quote from a book that atheists believe to be mythology. So why copy & paste scripture instead of answering in your own words? Why do some of you think scripture means anything to an atheist?

I’m not trying to be nasty, I really just…

Atheists seem to spend their time fighting against a God that they don’t believe exists…….No amount of scripture read is going to change them, only the scripture with the will of god can do that…..To an Atheist the scriptures are just words written by man……To a Christian they are the word of the Living God and his son Jesus…..It is faith that makes the scriptures true…..or lack of faith that makes them untrue. It is an individual choice to believe and trust in Christ or not to believe because you are “educated” by man.

Happy Easter anyway 🙂

Yeah. I’m an atheist. Calm down, I said atheist, nor satanist. We have our reasons. We have choices, leave us the **** alone because we will believe what we want to believe, we tolerate your impossible theories and **** so you can tolerate our REAL, PROVEN theories. So you’re all about being kind and ****, you’re literally disgusting the way you talk about us as if we’re from a different planet. I’m not against you. I’m not against “God”. I believe in a different, and still a magnificent beginning and I am allowed to. I hate how you say ‘tactics’ and ‘do you think they will work’, I thought your job is to worship God, not spend your whole ******* lives annoying the **** out of us, trying to change our beliefs? If I wrote every way how I’m right now, you’d go mad. Well that’s what you are doing now.

The answer to this question is that both sides are talking to themselves, and not to the other side. The only reason you would spend time here is if you wanted to fight with each other. Reasonable discussion and dialogue is very rare here. It is like two sides screaming at each other in different languages. Nobody is going to learn the other side’s language, because what language you use is part of the battle.

When will christians ever learn to keep their beliefs to themselves. I for one do not want to hear it.
You are right that most atheists have read the christian bible several times. In my experience atheists know more about their bible than they do.

There really isn’t a pont if you think of it. If soemone quotes a book to a person who doesn’t believe in it it’s never going to change their mind. If someone actually had some good evidence that what they’re doing is bad maybe. but that’s probably not going to happen.

The scripture isn’t just for the atheist who asked the question, it is also for the believers who read the post as well. After all, this is R&S and we can all learn and grow.

God Bless!

I expect explanation or analyzation of these quotes alot more than I should.
Maybe if they backed up there quotes with a bit of Point-Quote-Comment as learnt in yr 6 but no.
I feel that some of the time the quotes are not as helpful as they sound.

atheists, why do you think mocking the bible is necessary in conversations with Christians ?
Just out of curiosity, why would an atheist read the bible several times ? could it be so he/she can use bible quotes to mock christians ? how are you diferent ?
both sides (in their arguments) are like people who are attempting to teach a pig how to sing, it is futile, and only ends up annoying the pig.

Actually, that’s kind of like asking if you think that a pharmacist should quote the Merck book when asking about side effects of a drug.

I guess the Christian, like the pharmacist, could just make things up as they go, but how many perscriptions will you trust from a pharmacist who combines the chemicals in any old way he wants, without referring to the Merck book?

When you are willing to trust your perscriptions to a pharmcist who doesn’t use the Merck as his reference but rather “thinks for himself” and makes up the perscriptions as he goes, just let me know, and then I’ll quit using the Bible as my reference.

The bible says that there is power in God’s Word…God’s Word will not return void…Those scriptures might not do anything for you, but will do something for someone who is seeking the truth.

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