Best way to introduce a bengal kitten to an older siamese cat?

I am thinking about purchasing a bengal kitten in a few weeks. I currently only have 1 other cat who is a neutered male siamese. He is about 9 years old and hasn’t been around any other cats since he was a kitten. He has been around many other dogs, and is currently around my 5 dogs on a daily basis. He gets…

I have a 12 yr old Siamese neutered male and recently introduced a young Siamese boy . I followed advice for keeping the young cat in his own room at first and doing a gradual introduction, while giving the older cat a lot of attention. Its worked out very well.
Young Bengals (like young Siamese) are bursting with energy so make sure you try to get the kitten to burn off a lot of that by playing with wand toys etc. if he is getting a lot of play from you he may be a little bit less likely to be always pouncing on the old cat trying to get him to play when he might not always want to. you need to also do some research and get advice on introducing a kitten to that many dogs & consider whether your dogs will be up for a kitten pouncing or crashing into them, and if it will be safe for the kitten. They’re used to the older cat, but how they react to a small running kitten with high pitched voice (and Bengals can have very wild high voices!) will depend on the dogs personality, prey drive, how well trained they are and how you are able to teach them he is part of the pack

Here is something i wrote a while back with details . Maybe some ideas may help?
The best way for success is make it gradual and let the cats’ reactions determine the pace. The idea is to let them get used to each others scents ( and to their scents blended together), before they ever meet face to face.
You should definitely start out with the new cat isolated in one room (This is actually less overwhelming on the new cat anyway He might be living in the “Iso-Room” a few days to a few weeks, and he will probably always think of it as his secure place.

During this phase, you should go in several times a day and play, pet, talk with the new cat. If there is more than one human living there and the new cat’s room is a bedroom, it will be nice for him to have some company at night. (but this should NOT be the person who is closest to the resident cat )

I think it can’t be stressed too much that you should make sure you are also giving a LOT of attention and love to your older cat. You want him to feel reassured that that new cat is no real threat to his own position either in his territory or in your affection.

If the new cat came in a crate/kennel/ cat carrier, that’s the first item you can use to introduce the existing cat to the new scent. Take the crate and set it down with the door open in a room the resident cat hangs out in a lot so he can explore it.
You can do stuff like take blankets, kennel pad, towels etc. they have been lying on and switch them so they will smell each other’s scent …
You can also rub a soft cloth on one cat’s cheek/ temple and then pet the other cat with it,, so that he associates it with petting and as he is grooming he will smell his own scent mixed with the other cat’s (you’re trying to get the message to their brains that they are “family” )
You can also put one cats food dish on something the other cat has been lying on. Then they associate something pleasant with that scent.

By now you know how the older cat is reacting – whether he seems mostly curious, just sniffing around the door, or if he seems to be more lying in wait hoping to attack, growling, even attacking the crate. If so just keep doing what you are, making sure to keep showing a lot of attention to the resident cat..

If you can work out the logistics without them meeting face to face, another step is to switch places.. briefly put the resident cat in some OTHER room with a door closed, then let the new cat out to explore the rest of the house, and while he’s busy, move the older cat into the isolation room. This lets them explore and in the process they end up mingling their scents together.

The next step is to feed them at the same time on opposite sides of the door so they are smelling and hearing each other while getting fed.
if that goes well and they are not acting hostile, you can proceed to letting them glimpse each other.for example you can get door stops and jam them under the door so they can’t open it more than a couple inches. Or while you are in the room you can open the door just a little bit and hold it there when you know the older cat is outside. don’t be surprised if there is some hissing, that is normal.

Depending on how territorial he is he probably wont be happy at all and may attack the kitten. You need to bring the kitten home into another room. Then go into the room he is in with the scent of the kitten on you and make a big fuss of him. Do this again and again until he gets used to the scent of the kitten. Be aware that the kitten will probably spit and hiss at him too at first so neither cat will be happy with the first meeting. When you think he is ready, make sure you hold him tight and pet him and comfort him and let the kitten into a room that he doesnt use a lot and introduce them in that room so that he has no territorial connection to that room. Hold onto him because he may try to leap out of your arms and attack. Just let the first meeting last a very short time and reintroduce them frequently until you think it is safe to let them meet face to face.
It will take time but eventually they will get along. Just make sure you spoil the older cat and dont get cross with him for spitting and trying to attack the kitten. Just keep them apart and keep them safe

So you did your research before getting the kitten then? The best way is to keep them apart for the first week. If you’ve had her less than a week, they shouldn’t have even met yet. Google ‘introducing kitten to cat’ and you will find hundreds of websites to tell you how to do it properly. It’s not too late to start again. He is biting her neck to show that he is the Top Cat. This is normal; but you have to be careful. You definitely shouldn’t leave them alone for any period of time. If you take it slow and follow the correct procedures, although it may take time, your cats should be able to live together harmoniously, if not happily.

When i got a new cat my older cat was not happy at all. This is what I had to do:
1) Put the new cat in a separate room for a couple of days
2) Let them sniff eachother for a few seconds, see how that goes
3) Play with both of the cats together, get them familiar to eachother
4) Just relax, it will take some time :]

Ohh and btw my cats are bestfriends now. :]

He won’t be too happy at first but if you introduce the new kitty slowly, it should work out, especially since you have dogs around too and he’s ok with those.
I think they could bond over playing together, get some strings and feathers together and get ready to double-play!

just let them smell each other for monitored periods of time

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