Bought a car. has title says theres a lien on it?

Just recently bought this used car is has a title but on the title it says there is a lien holder on the car. the lien holder has signed the title under “seller” and the registered owner signed under “co seller” they left the lien release information box blank. will i be able to change the title…

Better contact the lien-holder and verify this car is paid for and get a signed release period. Otherwise if not paid for and this seller does not pay off the loan or just stops paying, they can repo this car for non payment.

good luck

No ! The lien must be satisfied. Since the title states there is a lien holder than an accompanying lien release will have to be furnished to you. The lien holder simply signing the title will not do. Depending on your USA state, either a new title showing no lien or a lien release must be furnished to you. Be careful !

Depending on the state you may. Worst case you will have to contact the lein holder and get a lein release. In Wisconsin you would have to have it faxed directly to the DMV.

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